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Tamesis RNLI day raises £928

More than £928 was raised for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution at the annual RNLI day at Tamesis on Sunday 26 October. The Twickenham and Teddington branch sold Christmas cards, calendars and Christmas puddings which, together with race entry fees raised a record £814,some £200 more than last year. The RNLI collecting box on the bar produced an additional £113.


Tamesis Club on Sunday 26th October won a close-fought series of six races sailed in Vintage Merlin Rockets (each boat more than 30 years old) by teams from Tamesis, Minima Yacht Club and Thames Sailing Club for the venerable Three Burgee Trophy, a fine framed montage of embroidered burgees surrounded by silver plaques from many years’ competition.  The racing, in variable, mainly SW winds averaging 6-8 knots took place in front of the Tamesis clubhouse where many supporters from the three clubs watched from the lawns and clubhouse as boats vied for position round the marks and finished often only a few seconds apart.

The three teams raced the tightly-packed back-to-back round robin series between 1400 and 1630.  The winning team comprised Ken Duffell and Matt Peregrine-Jones in Merlin 995, with John Adams and daughter Zoe in 1602, and Richard Mourant and Joe Woods in 1212, scoring wins in races 1, 4 and 5.

Second-placed was Thames SC with two wins in races 2 and 6, the team comprising Chris Martin and Pippa Mccosh in 3656, Gemma Hughes and Philippa Daniels in 3548, with Stephen Kettner and Nikki Erskine-Tulloch in 2805.  Third team was Minima YC who won race 3 with Ben Marshall and Soul Sheehan in 2529, Selshah and Alex Cane in 1872 and Paul Seamen and Eileen Barry in 1952.

RNLI benefit  During the day’s racing the Ladies from the Twickenham Branch of  RNLI came for their annual visit to the club making brisk sales of christmas cards and souvenirs: boats taking part in the Three Burgee Trophy each donated to the cause.

In welcoming the visiting teams to Tamesis, Commodore Stewart Colley said the club was delighted to be host to the event, which rotates in a three-year cycle between the three clubs.  All maintain an active Merlin Rocket fleet.  The Commodore thanked race officers Alan and Susan Green and Peter Konidaris, patrol boat crew Paul and Mrs Jamieson, Nicky Chavasse and her staff for their excellent catering and other Tamesis members for their support.



Tamesis v Thames 2nd race
Tamesis v Thames 2nd race
The winning team: Zoe Jeffra Adams, John Adams, Ken Duffell, Matt Peregrine Jones, Joe Woods, Richard Mourant and Commodore Stewart Colley
The winning team: Zoe Jeffra Adams, John Adams, Ken Duffell, Matt Peregrine Jones, Joe Woods, Richard Mourant and Commodore Stewart Colley

Hampton SC Merlin Open

Just finished a great weekend Merlin sailing at Hampton SC.

Yesterday was the last of the De May series events for vintage boats. It was a decent breeze with a beat upstream and run downstream.
I was crewed by Alex Warren from Shoreham SC and we managed to win all three races, so won the open and also won the De May Series for vintage Merlins.
Dana Church & Matt PJ also were sailing and finished 6th overall.

Today was another decent breeze a little stronger and I was crewed by Joe McLaughlin. We won the first race which went on for 1:30mins from John & Deirdre Bell.
The second race was sailing in an increasing breeze won by Frances Gifford and Alex Warren, we finished 5th in this race.
It was all to play for in the last race, John Bell had a flyer of start and sailed off into the lead. We finished 3rd and Matt (helming on sunday) did us a favour by beating Frances to finish 4th.

So overall we finished 2nd and John & Deirdre Bell from Hampton won the event.

IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3358 IMG_3362 IMG_3368 IMG_3373 IMG_3374

Bambusa wins Trafalgar Trophy

It blew hard before the battle and after the battle was over, but just as at Trafalgar in 1805, the battle for the Trafalgar Trophy at Tamesis on Sunday 19 October took place in much lighter winds. Most of the race was sailed in a light southerly force 3 which gave the 13 competitors a difficult up river beat into the sheltered water beyond Steven’s Eyot. There was enough stream to make the rounding on the Canbury mark a tricky business and the Lensbury buoy, set half way down Trowlock Island, proved equally difficult.

The six competing Lasers were the first away on this 91 minute class pursuit race, followed by an Albacore, four Merlins and two National 18s. Donald Forbes established an early lead in his Laser, Greylag (188044) but after the second round of this three round race he was facing some strong competition from David Baker and Jim Green in Cobblers, the Albacore (6813).

It was not long before the leading Merlins joined the battle and Peter and Richard Mason, the eventual winners, in Bambusa (847), were soon pressing the Lasers and Albacore hard. Several boats in each class were lapped by the leaders and one Laser gave up in sheer frustration with the awkwardness of the wind shifts and retired.

Results: 1 Bambusa (MR847) Peter & Richard Mason; 2 One over the Eight (N18 349) Doug Pope & Jose Ugarte; 3 Greylag (L 188044) Donald Forbes; 4 Limelight (L 42169) Kaan Yargici; 5 Cobblers (A 6813) David Baker & Jim Green.

Peter Fryer, the Race Officer, was assisted by Daniel Gerber and the patrol boats were manned by Paul Jamieson, Simon Craig, Chris Pollard and Carolyne Vines.

For more picture see The Gallery.


The Laser start
The Laser start
The Merlin start
The Merlin start
Rita Dunkley presents the Trafalgar Trophy to Richard Mason
Rita Dunkley presents the Trafalgar Trophy to Richard Mason
Bambusa, the winning Merlin
Bambusa, the winning Merlin

Richmond Environmental Health gives kitchen top marks

Our kitchen and catering facilities were checked on 30th September by the Environmental Health Officer from the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and we have been given the top rating (5) for food hygiene and safety procedures, structural requirements and management/control procedures.

Much of the credit for this upgrade to our rating (4 at the previous test) must go to Nicky Chavasse who has put so much time, skill and hard work to achieving this success, but we must also thank the rest of the catering team who contributed to keeping the standards up and also to those who spent time gaining their hygiene certificates. Well done to you all.

Thanks and regards,

John Adams

The proof must have been in the pudding.
The proof must have been in the pudding.

Proposals for a Hydro Scheme at Teddington Lock

Dear members,
There is a proposal to develop a hydro power generator at Teddington Lock. The scheme has raised strong views either way and has been submitted a second time for planning permission.

Details of the planning application are on the London Borough of Richmond’s web site at:


The council are seeking comments on the proposal and we have agreed to host a presentation of the scheme at Tamesis on Friday 10th October so that those interested in finding out about the scheme and passing comments either to the council or to the developers have the opportunity to do so.

The exhibition is a drop-in event with material covering different aspects of the design so that people can wander about and ask questions. The time slot is 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Please note that while Tamesis is hosting the evening we are doing so to provide people with the opportunity of gaining information on the scheme and then to formulate their own opinions and not as an expression of support or otherwise of the scheme.


John Adams

Rob and Joe smash the Original Box Hill sportive

While the laser sailors were drifting around today for the Laser Barometer, Joe McLaughlin and Rob Wilder rode in the Original Box Hill sportive. Starting from Sandown race course out into the Surrey hills, West Sussex and back. They took in Leith hill, White Down and Box Hill with over 5200ft of climbing and 102 miles in total.The guys managed it in 7hours 10 mins!

Perhaps a couple of Tamesis Velo rides next year if we can get the interest.



Laser Barometer 2014 – big turnout, little wind

Well, it was sunny, it was warm, there was no stream, and we had 19 eager Laser sailors ready to take part in what was billed as the Tamesis Regatta of the year (by myself at least). The only problem, not much wind. 1 mph in fact, which isn’t a lot. Still the forecast was for it to pick up to at least 2mph by the afternoon, and with that in mind the OOD Peter Mason called the first race, on time, at 11am.

It was a straight forward up and down course in front of the club, with 4 laps and marks to port. There really was very little wind but somehow quite miraculously all four laps were completed in good time by the leading boats, who managed to lap some people more than once (I think including yours truly). Jon Redding won the race, with visitor Julia Hancock (who knows Tamesis well) second, and Steve Bartlett third.

After a long break for lunch – these Laser sailors need long lunches – it was time for the second race. But before we started we had a little get together with the ODD Peter who re-enforced a few pointers on Rule 42, which loves to make an appearance in light winds, apparently. Peter stated that the first warning was a 720 and the second was a disqualification. Everyone nodded, smiled, and got on with the second race, which perhaps unsurprisingly was much closer this time round.

Despite that the second race got off to a good start and with a little extra breeze the competition was close. Indeed there were moments where the box was frantically hitting the finish buzzer. Again the race was won by Jon, and with one discard allowed he was confirmed Barometer champion before you could say “anyone for a third race?” (and despite not having sailed a Laser for years). Second was Julia with Nick Forbes coming in a very impressive third (given his career as a top Laser sailor is in its early stages).

Nick continued his good form in to the last race coming in second behind our other visitor James Baxter, with Julia third.

So although the wind was pretty terrible everyone enjoyed the day and the turn out was fantastic. It was great to see visitors James and Julia, and of course big thanks to Peter who as OOD ran a very tight show. Lastly thanks to everyone who lent other members their boats for the day. The Laser Barometer remains a great event in the Tamesis calendar. Looking forward to over 20 boats next year.

Final placings are:

1 – Jon Redding – 2 pts

2 – Julia Hancock – 4 pts

3 – James Baxter – 5 pts

4 – Nick Forbes – 5 pts

5 – Steve Bartlett – 8 pts



And they’re off! Er, slowly.
Break for lunch


Lots of Lasers.
Lots of Lasers.


James Baxter wins the last race
James Baxter wins the last race
The winner (and excuse the hair issues)
The winner (and excuse the hair issues)

Welcome to the new Tamesis Club website!

Tamese Home Page 3

The new website builds on the features of the existing website and introduces many more, with the new site’s focus being around news stories and race reports, our programme of events, and most importantly attracting new members.

It is quite a change in functionality from the existing website so we’d like to outline some of the changes below. Please take the time to read this post and take a look at the new website. Many members have been involved in its production (huge thanks to you all), and we hope that everyone is in favour of the changes.

Of course a huge mention to John. He has established and maintained the website as an integral part of the Club and has achieved this through his continued posting of news stories and race results as well as all his updates on a multitude of pages. This has required a lot of effort on John’s part, so thank you John. Please don’t stop!


If you’d like to provide feedback on the new website then please get in touch with Kaan Yargici.

Key Features

The key features of the new website are:

  • A new design and layout
  • A new home page including help for prospective members as well as news and events for existing members
  • Drop down menu on all pages, including a search field that enables you to quickly search the whole site
  • An About section, providing overall details about the club
  • A Membership section, providing step-by-step instructions on how to join the club, and includes membership fees and an FAQ, and most importantly a Contact Us form which we aim to prioritise over emails and the club telephone
  • A comprehensive Sailing section, including an embedded DutyMan page, Race Reports, Classifieds, Lost and Found, Class pages
  • A calendar of events, including the full programme for 2014/2015

Logging on and commenting on news articles and race reports

The new site will allow commenting on news stories and race reports. In order to comment you will need to log on, and we are hoping to provide everyone with a log on to the site. If you would like a log on account now then let Kaan know.

Tamesis Club Programme of Events

Perhaps the most useful feature of the new site is the Events page. All events for the 2014/2015 Programme have been uploaded to the site, and many more events will be too, including committee meetings, dinner talks, socials, open meetings at other clubs etc.

Contact Us form

The new Contact Us form allows anyone visiting the site to contact our Club Officers without us having to give out email address and phone numbers. This is very important for capturing interest from potential new members.

Welcome Process

To support the new website and potential new members, the Development Committee has been working on refining the welcome process. This is outlined on the site.


The new website now has built in newsletter functionality. We are looking in to the idea of emailing a weekly newsletter that will contain any new stories (like race reports), any important notices (e.g. subscriptions due), and coming events. This will also provide a quick and convenient way for members to return to the site.

Technical Stuff and credits

For those that are interested. The new website is built using WordPress and was designed and created by Kaan Yargici. The majority of the content was created by John Dunkley, especially News, Race Reports and About pages. All extra content created by Kaan.