Tamesis Club

The Boxing Day Bash


Jodok and Constantin Gerber with Susan’s Sword


Carolyne Vines presents the Laser Pot to Stewart Colley

Tamesis members must have feasted really well on Christmas Day because only three boats turned out for the Boxing Day races on Saturday  26 December.  As luck had it, there was only one Merlin, one Laser and one National 18, so every boat was a winner.  Commodore Stewart Colley won the cheers of the spectators by capsizing as well as winning in his Laser, Grey Dove (171688), to claim the renowned Laser Pot, a white chamber pot with a bronze bottom.

The winning Merlin, Make it So (3556), was sailed by Jodok Gerber, crewed by his brother Constantin.  They were presented with Susan’s Sword.

Doug Pope, crewed by Angela Caldara, in the National 18, One Over the Eight (349) won his class but did not receive a trophy because it could not be found.  Perhaps the class should arrange a New Year treasure hunt!

Race Officer John Meredith set a modest course to make the most of the gusty SW wind.  He was assisted by his wife Jean and the Safety Boats were operated by Clive Mence and Peter Versey.

The prizes were presented by Vice  Commodore Carolyne Vines.

The WMWP celebrate with funny hats and even funnier stories at their Xmas lunch

The 21 members of the Tamesis Wednesday Morning Working Party who attended the annual Xmas Lunch at the Adelaide were asked by Jim Green, organiser of the event, to wear brightly coloured ties and other clothing in memory of “absent friends” – old members who have passed away. There were ties aplenty and two had what can only be described as funny hats.

Alan Green, Rear Commodore Sailing, sported a cross between a pixey hood and a hen house. Mervyn Allen had a tea cosy on his head. The pictures below tell the true story.

Everything proceeded on conventional lines until it came to the telling of stories. Alan called on piracy to tell what he claimed was the “true?” story of Captain Hook.


IMG_8084 IMG_8065 IMG_8066 IMG_8075

Former Bosun Peter Simpson had everyone in stitches when he recounted the visit of a forgetful old lady to a supermarket for an unavailable vegetable and the comments of a helpful assistant who was asked four times to show her where it was. Frustration is the wrong word for what he said.

Nicky Chavasse recited one of her fabulous poems dedicated to the work done by members of the group.  “Ode to the grease trap boys” was followed by some recent updates that had us all in stitches – again!


100 members make Christmas Lunch a “sell out”


IMG_8013 IMG_8051


This year’s Tamesis Christmas Lunch was a tremendous sell out with new applicants regrettably having to be turned away after a hundred members signed up to attend.  In the interests of both safety and the ability of the kitchen to cope with the preparation of a roast turkey lunch for such a large number, John Adams, Rear Commodore House, apologised for being unable to accept any late applications.

In comparison, the pre-lunch race for Christmas pudding prizes was almost a wash out – not because of rain or too fast a stream but because of a shortage of wind. The 12 competing boats included six Merlins, five Lasers and a National 18. Commodore Stewart Colley, dressed in a Santa Claus hat with a necklace of sparkling golden Christmas decorations, was Race Officer and gave the fleet three rounds of a modest course in front of the Clubhouse and dinghy park. The winners were Merlins – Ken Duffell and Joe Woods, Lasers – Mike Goldsmith, and National 18s – Doug Pope and Jose Ugarte. However, as this was our annual Christmas Pudding race, everyone who participated on this grey and miserable morning got a well deserved prize.

Stewart also presided at the lunch, beginning with a grace devoted to the safety of sailors everywhere, especially those in war ravaged parts of the world.

The four course lunch was prepared by Steve Katz with the help of lady members of the House Committee and served by the Kitchen staff, of Jo, Karina, Lauren, Natalie, Josefin and Theo, who also went round offering a selection of pre-lunch nibbles.

Santa arrived after the pudding had been served, having parked his reindeer in Bushy Park with their friends, and distributed presents to many of the youngest and oldest members, one of whom is now 96.

The event was concluded with the traditional carol singing, led by Brian Southcott and Jock Wishart, in which the members at the numbered tables were duly called upon to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and to jump up to sing their table number of turtle doves, calling birds, gold rings, swans a swimming, lords a-leaping and drummers drumming.  Most went home looking for a “Silent Night”.