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Nick Forbes wins Bank Holiday Pursuit


The Bank Holiday Pursuit Race on Monday 30 May took place under grey skies in chilly conditions with a Force 3-4 northerly wind blowing.  Three Lasers and a National 18 took part in the race.  The boats start times were based on their handicap so the slower boats started first.
Chris Taggart started first in his Laser with a radial rig which gave him an advance of 3 minutes (half a lap’s advantage) over Nicholas Forbes and Tom James who were racing their Lasers with full sized rigs.  Due to the handicap timings Doug Pope and his crew Jose Ugarte started in their National18 “One Over the Eight” 14 minutes after Chris Taggart.
The boats beat down the river to the bottom mark and then ran back up the river with the wind behind resulting in some exciting sailing.  The race was finished at 12.30 with Nicholas Forbes taking first place and was on his 9th lap when the race was finished; Tom James and Chris Taggart were 2nd and 3rd respectively and were on their 8th lap and Doug and Jose were 4th.
Alan Green, Vice Commodore, and James Berry manned the patrol boat but no rescues were necessary.  Angela Caldara and Race Office Rupert Fletcher managed the starting box and race timings.
Thanks to everyone who took part in the race and also to the catering team who provided an excellent ploughman’s lunch afterwards.
(This report was written by Rupert Fletcher. the OOD).
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TAMESIS gains approval for RYA RACE TRAINING

Whilst a good fleet of club boats was out on Sunday 22nd May for the Tamesis Spring Regatta a smaller group of boats was active in a nearby part of the river under the watchful eye of RYA Development Officer Ben Kimbell, taking Tamesis Chief Sailing Instructor Eric Finlayson and Sailing Instructor colleague Malcolm Warner through their paces to qualify to teach racing skills at Tamesis Club’s RYA Recognised Training Centre. Alan Green, Tamesis RYA Centre Principal said: “Eric and his team of instructors have been doing a great job in sailing instruction and have expanded their role to include race training. We all look forward to this part of our activity increasing in the coming year and helping to promote and sustain the club’s great reputation in developing the sport of competitive sailing. Congratulations to Eric and Team!”

17 boats compete in Spring Regatta

IMG_8285 IMG_8287 IMG_8284 IMG_8273 IMG_8283

Seventeen boats took part in the Spring Regatta at Tamesis on Sunday 22 May but, disappointingly, only nine competed in all three races. Of the 10 Merlins which entered, four did not sail in the second race and five did not compete in the third. One of the five Lasers withdrew after the first race. Both National 18s sailed in all three races.

With all three races to count, those boats which did not compete in the last two races lost any hope of winning a trophy. Rupert Fletcher won the Merlins in Omega (1605) with only a fifth and two thirds because Jon Redding, who won the first two races in Pikey did not sail in the third. Ken Duffell was second in Take it Easy (3606) with an eighth, fourth and second.

In the Lasers, Donald Forbes scored two firsts and a second in Storm (146120). Peter Johnson won the third race in Zhik (180963) and was second overall with a fourth, second and first.

The first two races were held in warm sunshine and a light south westerly wind which had welcome but short lasting gusts every now and again. Officer of the Day Brian Southcott set a double dogleg course with the upstream mark just north of Steven’s Eyot and the downstream mark about a third of the way down Trowlock Island. He was assisted by Cherry Erlich and the patrol safety boats were operated by Ken Thatcher and Joanna Rand.

Many spectators enjoyed watching the racing from the Clubhouse, the veranda, and the seats in front of the lawn.

The regatta was organised by Tamesis Commodore Carolyne Vines, who also presented the prizes.

Results: Merlins 1 Omega (1605) Rupert Fletcher & James Berry/Phil Abbey 11 points; 2 Take it Easy (3606) Ken Duffell & Joe Woods 14 points. Lasers 1 Storm (146120) Donald Forbes 4 points: 2 Zhik (180963) Peter Johnson 7 points; 3 (59700) Emilie Hall 9 points. National 18s 1 Orion (336) Alan Green & Peter Konidaris 4 points; 2 One over the Eight (349) Doug Pope & Jose Ugarte 5 points.

Tamesis a hive of activity for Push the Boat Out

Tamesis Club was a hive of activity for Push the Boat Out day on Saturday 14 May with 78 people signing in to have a go at sailing. They included both adults and children, some of whom had sailed before and enjoyed the experience. All were required to wear lifejackets, a supply of which was provided by the club, and they were taken out on the river by a team of experienced helmsmen supported by others in safety patrol boats in case of a capsize. The boats used included a Wayfarer, three National 18s, two Merlins, a Firefly, two Lasers and a Topper.

Bright sunshine and a cold, gusty north easterly wind provided some challenging conditions.

Many visitors enjoyed the opportunity to have lunch at the chairs and tables on the club lawn and others chose to eat inside the Clubhouse or on the veranda, which was decorated by club flags and bunting.

The event was organised by Tamesis Commodore Carolyne Vines, with help from Vice Commodore Alan Green, Peter Mason, Harbour Master Peter Johnson, Rear Commodore House Nicky Johnson, chief coach Eric Finlayson, Laser Class Captain Donald Forbes, Marcus Chavasse, Richard Harris, Jim Hamilton, and others. Carolyn Reeves ran the registration desk with help from Adrian and Sally Warwick-Haller at which all visitors were asked to sign in and Secretary Rupert Fletcher and Treasurer Graeme Lythe gave membership application forms to all those who expressed a wish to join.

John Adams and Billy were beach masters and worked really hard at keeping the flow of visitors into boats very smooth. Boats were helmed by Alan Green, Richard Harris, Peter Mason, Alan Hall, Eric Finlayson, Howard Thatcher, Tom James and Florian Krueger. Patrol safety boats were operated by Marcus Chavasse and Tom James, and Falcon Compton and Florian Krueger took visitors out in the club launches.

A barbecue lunch was provided, with Club Bosun Paul Jamieson and Phil Abbey taking the heat, supported by Jo Carstens and the catering staff in the kitchen. Sara Jamieson and Nicky Chavasse managed the food service counter. Cakes were made by members of the House Committee.

Last year’s Push the Boat Out day brought in 50 new members.


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Fabulous Ladies Night

ladies night blossom





photo 1

The chef and sous chefs

We had a fantastic time last Saturday evening.  Huge thanks to all the gents led by Steve Katz for cooking and the entertainment – including serenading, quizzing and general fun.  Thanks also go to Karina and Josephine for helping with the catering.

Report by Jim Green

“On Saturday 7 May a gloriously sunny evening greeted the 43 lady members and guests who attended Tamesis Club’s Ladies Night, organised and run by men of the club.

Following a welcome drink of Prosecco, the ladies were treated to a 5 course meal  prepared and cooked by Peter Mason, Peter Johnson and Paul Jamieson under the supervision of, and masterminded by, our very own Masterchef, Steve Katz.  Each course was served by some of the club’s menfolk dressed for the occasion in black tie (Adrian Warwick-Haller, Colin Stokes, John  Harris, Chris Pollard, Stewart Colley, David Baker and Jim Green),  who also made sure that the flow of wine never slowed!  To keep the ladies properly entertained, the evening dinner was interspersed with some games, the first being John Harris’s ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz for a prize of chocolates which were won by the Katz/Johnson table.  Then to everyone’s surprise and delight, Chris Pollard accompanied himself on his guitar to sing the amusing ballad of the ‘Man-eating shark’ and was rewarded with rapturous applause for his outstanding performance.   Jim Green followed with a game of ‘heads and tails’ for a prize of a bottle of Prosecco which was won by Zoe Jeffra-Adams.  And finally, Colin Stokes organised the usual extremely popular and frantically competitive session of Pictionary that had ladies rushing around at some pace to ensure they could be in with a chance of winning some more chocolates, which were eventually won by the Bridge table.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable evening of excellent food and lively entertainment as well as having the perfect opportunity to chat amongst themselves.”

photos by Milly, Jim Green and Sue Katz


Tamesis results at Cookham Merlin meeting

Four Tamesis Merlins took part in the Cookham Reach SC open meetings for Merlins on Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 April.

Tamesis placings:  Vintage race, out of 14 – 4 Masquerade (995) Matthew Peregrine-Jones & Ben Ramage, 7 Tosca (1230) Joe McLaughlin & Sean Roberts, 11 Cindy (723) Mervyn Allen & Lora Stock.

Guy Pearce Memorial Trophy (non-handicap) – 4 Masquerade (995) Matthew Peregrine-Jones & Ben Ramage, 7 Tosca (1230) Joe McLaughlin & Sean Roberts.

Cookham Shield and Peter Flanagan Trophy – 11 Take it Easy  (3606) Ken Duffell & Joe Woods.

To see a report on thc races and photos please go to YachtsandYachting.com and select Merlin Rockets at Cookham Reach.