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Hampton Court Trip

On Sunday 24th July several members of Tamesis Club ventured into uncharted water above the Kingston Bridges.
Two Wayfarers, two Laser 2000s, two Enterprises, a Laser and a Mirror accompanied by three support boats sailed up to Hampton Court in sunshine with a south westerly just below force three.
The Albany pub was busy but we managed to bag a couple of tables and had a pleasant lunch before an easy sail back with wind and current behind us .
Needless to say we had many adventures which would put Swallows and Amazons to shame but “What happens up the river stays up the river”.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip, which may well become an annual event.
Eric Finlayson.

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Wednesday Working party saved by split pin

IMG_0265 IMG_0266When the main halyard on one of the Laser 2000s gave up the ghost on 27 July the Wednesday Morning Working party sprang into action .
Chris Pollard provided a replacement rope and some helpful expertise .
Peter and Brian provided the muscle and Eric had a long piece of twine with a split pin on the end .
Feeding the split pin down through the mast was a little tricky with the boat tilted against the end of the clubhouse but when it got to the appropriate hole in the mast it very helpfully popped out of the hole of its own accord .
Anyone using a club boat who notices a problem should put a note in the defects log by the phone although we can’t always provide such prompt action .
Eric Finlayson


Shen Shui sails home

Tony and Leonie Steer stopped off at Salcombe Merlin Week in Shen Shui on their way home from Dartmouth.  The following photos, taken by Leonie, show their yacht leaving Dartmouth, with Tony at the helm, and Oscar, the ship’s cat, watching the Merlins.



Salcombe4 – It’s Tough Here!

Not to be outdone by Ken and Joe, Rupert managed an even more spectacular prang on Tuesday, however undaunted and with the help of his support team and carbon fibre expert Phil Scott, he was on the water again  the next day.

Some pics below –

Emergency repairs. The black mast superbly grafted onto Rupert's white 'root stock' is carefully fitted , while Peter completes the temporary  gunwhale repair.
Emergency repairs. The black mast superbly grafted onto Rupert’s white ‘root stock’ is carefully fitted , while Peter completes the temporary gunwhale repair.
Andrew and Andrea deep in conversation
Andrew and Andrea deep in conversation
Rupert and Joe beat up the Bag
Rupert and James beat up the Bag
Ken and Joe on a three sail reach back from Gerston
Ken and Joe on a three sail reach back from Gerston
Happy Sailors!
Happy Sailors!

Not a great day for Tamesis members overall. Andrew in Millie was black flagged, Joe and Ken had a good race finishing 38th and Rupert and Paul eventually got round in the tricky conditions for a 52nd.

Overall rankings stand at 71, 100 and 114 respectively……….Hmmmm.

Ex Tammy members fared better –

Will and Mary Henderson had a 1st today and now rank 3rd overall.

Caroline Croft had a 5th, and ranks 13th overall

Fran Gifford as crew had a 10th and now 17th overall

David and Abigail Croft 12th on the day and 50th overall

The week has flown by as usual – one day to go.


Salcombe 3

All the latest!

Rupert – Ragtime retires in heavy weather on Monday and gets T-boned by a Sigma 38 on Tuesday. Peter Johnson crewing for the day. Wonderman Phil Scott is set to mend broken carbon fibre mast overnight. Yes really.

Ken and Joe – Just made it to the line on time after overnight spreader repair. They failed sadly to take the holding tape off the repair and when they tried to hoist the main it stopped at the spreader…….derrrr. Just got it sorted in time. They were doing pretty well today but a knot on the mainsheet mysteriously came undone which was not a welcome development. There is always tomorrow

Andrew and Andrea – managed a capsize on Monday right in front of the clubhouse, much appreciated by the spectators but not good for their position. Great starts always achieved but follow through can be disappointing.

Ken and Joe's Just in Time delivery of their boat to the start line. Monday morning.
Ken and Joe’s Just in Time delivery of their boat to the start line. Monday morning.
Happy Sailors!
Happy Sailors!




Sunday 10th July

Red and Green, and Black and Blue

First day of sailing and it blew like old boots!

The Tamesis line up is –

3479 Ragtime  Rupert Fletcher and Paul Jamieson

3606  Take it Easy  Ken Duffell  and Joe Woods

3649  Millie  Andrew Harris and Andrea Downham

Ex Tammy members and Tammy members crewing include –

3165  Panatella  David Croft and Abigail Croft  (RYA)

3673  Caroline Croft and Beka Jones  (Blithfield)

3676  Hot Tottie  Phil Dalby and Fran Gifford  (Ranalagh)

3726  The Dark Side  Will Henderson and Mary Henderson  (Salcombe)

Local friends from Hampton include  –

3560 Luka  Stuart and Anna Jenkins

3652   John and Olivia Bell

The morning race was red and green flights and the afternoon – rather appropriately black and blue!

It was blowing quite hard for the first race and Rupert decided to retire half way through with the boat in one piece, not fancying a blast up to Gerston in those conditions. Ken and Joe persevered but broke a spreader off capsizing and were towed in. Fortunately after much searching they located Dirty Hands Phil Scott who promised an overnight carbon fibre repair. Fingers crossed they’ll be back on the water for Monday afternoon.

The best placed Tammy member was Fran Gifford, 5th with Phil Dalby, and ex Tammy Caroline Croft was just behind at 6th. Will and Mary Henderson were 14th

For the afternoon race the wind had really got up and it was chaotic around the start line with capsizes all over the place.  Andrew had a great start from the Salcombe end of the line and eager Tammy spectators were mystified when he failed to appear with the leaders on the run back. Even more disappointed as nearly the whole fleet (at least the select band of successful starters) came past. The story was revealed by Caroline Croft in the bar later, that he was 4th round the first mark, but in their eagerness to get the spinny up the instant they rounded the upwind mark in the fiercesome blow, they capsized spectacularly, and took rather a long time to recover. Shame!

John Bell came 18th in the afternoon and David Croft 27th

With no Tammy boats finishing on Sunday, we are hoping for better luck tomorrow!

DSC02546 DSC02566

Morning and afternoon starts, with Millie 3649 beautifully positioned.

Millie preparing for the start
Millie preparing for the start
Ragtime beats up past the clubhouse
Ragtime beats up past the clubhouse
Ragtime on the run
Ragtime on the run
Take it Easy beats up past Smalls Bay
Take it Easy beats up past Smalls Bay
Take it Easy getting ready for the start
Take it Easy getting ready for the start

John Adams wins Restless Trophy


John Adams, crewed by Falcon Compton , won the Restless Trophy at Tamesis on Sunday 10 July in Salterello, Merlin 1602.  Sailed for on the first Sunday of Salcombe Merlin Week, the race attracted a four boat entry which enjoyed a keen contest in a fresh gusty westerly wind.  Vice Commodore Alan Green, who was Race Officer, set a modest course with and east-west dogleg opposite the clubhouse, and shortened the course after seven rounds.

Salcombe Merlin Week

A select band represents Tamesis at Salcombe this year.

Andrew Harris returns in Millie, and  regulars Ken Duffell and Joe Woods in Take it Easy, and Rupert Fletcher and Paul Jamieson in Ragtime.

Saturday morning was lovely, but the weather closed in and the pictures show the general misty view in the afternoon as the clouds engulfed the hillsides. The crossing from Batson to Mill Bay was quick enough, but the chilly wait for the trollies to arrive was no joke. Take it Easy is de-powered approaching Mill Bay.

DSC02540    DSC02539

Take it Easy, Ken Duffell and Joe Woods, eases off coming in to Mill Bay in preparation for Salcombe Merlin Week
Take it Easy, Ken Duffell and Joe Woods, eases off coming in to Mill Bay in preparation for Salcombe Merlin Week

Death of Peggy Morris

Peggy932 The club gave Peggy two cakes to celebrate her 93rd birthday

Peggy Morris, one of Tamesis Club’s oldest and much loved members, passed away on Thursday 7 July.  She was 95.

Her death followed a heart operation in St. Thomas’s Hospital.  She was active in the International 14 and Merlin Rockets classes in the 1960s and 1970s, and in recent years enjoyed watching the racing from the clubhouse.   An enthusiastic member of the Tamesis Bridge Group, Peggy was the generous donor of the club’s television screen.  She drove to the club almost every Sunday for lunch on her mobility scooter, which she called Alfred, and was especially popular with the catering staff who went to great lengths to look after her.

Peggy was the widow of Dr Colin Morris, who died from a heart attack while racing his International 14 at the club.  They had two daughters, both of whom predeceased them.

More than 60 relatives and friends attended the funeral at Mortlake Crematorium  on Monday 25 July followed by a reception at Tamesis Club.
Donations in memory of Peggy can be made to the Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice c/o Frederick Paine Funeral Directors, 102 High Street, Teddington, TW11 8JD.


A Hampton Court Jolly has been organised by Eric Finlayson, our RYA Chief Dinghy Instructor:
Meet 10.30 leave 11.45 (or earlier if no Handicap race ) return 4pm (approx)
The plan is to sail up to Hampton Court stopping for lunch at a pub or one of the sailing clubs.
Tall boats will be towed through the Kingston bridges with dropped masts or tilted over the safety boat (or boats). Changes of clothes, packed lunches etc may be carried by the safety boat which will also take a few passengers and when needed help stragglers .
Anyone wishing to attend please contact Eric Finlayson (finlaysone2@aol.com) giving details of boat to be used (club or private), crew etc .
For those still under training this will count towards RYA certificates .
For further info Google “How to get an 85 foot mast under a 65 foot bridge” JEF.