Tamesis Club

Saga Trophy Results

The first of the Thursday evening handicap series , the Saga Trophy, has now been completed with a good series of races and with 7 boats completing 5 or more races to qualify. Detailed results are pinned up in the club on the ‘Offshore’ board but the 7 qualifiers the results are:


Boat Number Name Helm Crew Races sailed Total points for best 5 races Position
Laser 197213 RTM Marcus Chavasse   7 8 1
N18 336 Orion Alan Green Garrie Mallen 6 12 2
Merlin Rocket 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell Brian Corking 6 13 3
Merlin Rocket 1212 Fair Kop Barry Mourant Carolyne Vines /Peter Johnson 5 20 4
N18 348 Antedote Chris Pollard Debbie Leach/Anne Bayne 5 22 5
Laser 89025   Graham King   6 23 6
Firefly 8179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton   5 33 7


As can be seen , the results are very close, so sign up and make the next series, the GW Smith Trophy, starting this Thursday, 7th July, even closer.  As this will be a shorter series than the Saga Trophy, only 4 races are needed for qualification.


Commodore’s BBQ

The Commodore’s BBQ, scheduled for Sunday 3 July, was not so much of a wash out as a choc out.  The Commodore was on safety boat duty and those members looking for an interesting lunch were able to enjoy all the catering staff had on offer  both in the clubhouse and, on what must have been the hottest and sunniest days of the year so far, on the veranda and the riverside tables on the lawn.  The Rear Commodore Sailing was heartily thanked for his generous donation of slices of chocolate cake and a delicious creamy fruit pavlova.