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Results Thursday 5th August – GW Smith Trophy

‘After the Thursday evening race on 4th August when Barry Mourant and Carolyne Vines stormed ahead of the rest of the fleet and Doug Pope and Caroline Stilwell took 2nd place ahead of the other two Merlins in the fleet, Barry is now the current leader of the GW Smith Trophy.  Doug is in 2nd place, again ahead of the Merlins of Ken Duffell and John Adams.

However the story is not over yet, as John Redding with a 1st in hand and three races to go could clinch the series if he won the next three races.  Similarly if David  Baker sailed Cobblers to victory in the next three races, he could equal Barry’s current score of three 1sts and a 2nd.

So there is still plenty to sail for and a little time to make the most of the last of the summer evening sails before the evening light fades and the long nights creep back.’


Results for Thursday evening GW Smith Trophy at 5 Aug

Joe McLaughlin completes the Prudential Ride London bike ride

Joe McLaughlin completes the Prudential Ride London bike ride on Sunday 31st July
Starting at 7.03am from the Olympic park in Stratford he completed the 100mile loop around the Surrey hills and back to The Mall in a ride time of 5hrs13mins.
Raising over £1000 for the charity Bliss it was an amazing experience and a real honour to ride for such a great cause.
Riding along with 26,000 other riders on open roads was both thrilling and un-nerving at the same time. A deliberate looking nail in his tyre at the 30 mile mark and short hold ups at two of the major downhill crashes aside, it was an excellent day and a highly recommended challenge.
Big thanks to all of those who donated! It’s not too late here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Joe-McLaughlin1
Now back to some sailing….

GW Smith results for July

Sunny Thursday evening

‘We are halfway through the Thursday evening GW Smith Trophy. As we only need 4 races to qualify, 4 boats have already qualified, but anyone ca​n still do so as we have another 4 races to go. To date 20 different boats have  sailed and the 4 that have qualified are  Doug Pope, Alan Green, Mike Goldsmith and Chris Taggart, in that order.  Of the remainder Barry Mourant has had some very good results, a couple of wins and a second place, so he looks a very good candidate for the series, but with 4 races to go, anyone can still win.  So why not see what you can do in the next 4 races and have a great sail and a tasty supper, and start the weekend early.’

Details in the link below:

Provisional results for Thursday evening GW Smith Trophy