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Tamesis merlins win back Three Burgee Trophy

The fastest they went all day. On the tow up to Minima YC

A Tamesis team led by Merlin Captain Joe Woods successfully defended the team race trophy called the Three Club Burgee.  The Trophy is competed for annually by teams from Tamesis, Thames SC in Surbiton and Minima YC at Kingston.  The clubs take it in turn to host the event.  This year it was Minima’s turn.

The team comprising Joe Woods, John Adams, Zoe Adams, Ken Duffell and Ellen Schwartz were towed up first thing on Sunday – the fastest they went all day.  See the photo above taken by Zoe Adams.

The joy of yachts


Leonie Steer reported on 25 October that she and Tony spent a busy weekend helping to lift 52 yachts and their masts out of the water at Gosport.  “I was a mast Marshall and Tony was on the hull pontoon preparing yachts for lift. All neat and tidy for the winter”, she said

Strategic sailing wins Trafalgar Trophy

Flinkidink leads the fleet
Flinkidink leads the fleet
The fleet follows behind
The fleet follows behind
Rita Dunkley presents the Trafalgar Trophy to Milly and Rob
Rita Dunkley presents the Trafalgar Trophy to Milly and Rob

It may be more than 200 years since Nelson won the battle of Trafalgar but fast thinking and equally fast sailing are still major factors in overcoming the opposition. So it was at Tamesis on Sunday 23 October when Rob Wilder and his 10-year-old daughter Milly Chong-Wilder out-sailed 13 other boats in this year’s contest to win the Trafalgar Trophy.
The one and three quarter hour inter-class pursuit race was sailed in a cold and gusty north-easterly wind between Steven’s Ait and the downstream end of Trowlock Island. Race Officer Barry Mourant started the contestants from the Smithy at pre-notified times and finished the race on the water from Tamesis III, the club launch. He was assisted by Angela Caldara and Jenny Finlayson. The safety boats were manned by Mike Goldsmith and Simon Craig.
Results: 1 Flinkidink (MR 1097) Rob and Milly Chong-Wilder; 2 Passing Cloud (MR 1079) Richard Harris and Sue Harris; 3 Shenandoah (MR 3649) Andrew Harris and Tom Harris; 4 One over the Eight (Nat 18 349) Doug Pope and Jose Ugarte.
The results were announced by Barry Mourant and the Trophy was presented by Rita Dunkley.
The Ben Ainslie Trophy for the juniors was won by Jay and Adam in a Laser 2000 crewed by Eric Finlayson.

Adventurer convincing winner of Yates Cup/Braganza Bowl 2016

Start of the Yates Cup race on Saturday. photo Carolyne Vines
The happy winners receive their trophies from the Commodore – photo by Paul Russell

More pictures by Chris Wade – see the link below:



The newest of the historic 10 strong fleet of A Raters that visited Tamesis over the weekend of 15th 16th October, convincingly won both the Braganza Bowl and the Yates Cup.

The Raters are one of the oldest dinghy classes in the country, designed specifically to sail on the river.  The boats are based at Thames Sailing Club and Upper Thames Sailing Club and come down to Tamesis every autumn to sail for these equally old trophies.

The south easterly wind lent to some exciting sailing, especially on the Sunday with  strong gusts which caused the odd near capsize.  The course was set above Stevens Ait and the lower end of Trowlock Island on both days.

On Saturday the racing was organised by OOD Peter Fryer ably assisted by Chris Taggart in the box and Simon Craig and Chris Balmbro in the launch.  Graeme Lythe officiated on Sunday also ably assisted by Hugh McLaughlin in the box, and Doug Pope Jose Ugarte, Chris Pollard and Malcolm Warner in the Safety Boats.

Chris Simon from the RYA provided valuable support judging on Rule 42 infringements.  We look forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks time.

The Yates Cup  (a single race usually the second in the series) was won convincingly by nr 24 Adventurer from Upper Thames SC.

The Braganza Bowl was hard fought for over a series of five races, four to count. It was very exciting to watch, with lots of place changes and very close finishes.


Yates Cup

1st Nr 24 Adventurer  James Date, Jamie Stewart Mike Waran  Upper Thames SC

2nd Nr 14 Spindrift Martin Hunter, Jack Hunter and Joe Tosh Upper Thames SC

3rd Nr 16 Osprey  Paul Browning, Matt Kyte Graham Bartholemew Thames SC

Braganza Bowl

1st nr 24 Adventurer James Date, Jamie Stewart Mike Waran Upper Thames SC

2nd nr 16 Osprey Paul Browning, Matt Kyte Graham Bartholemew Thames SC

3rd nr 13 Vagabond Ben Palmer, Miles Palmer Maria Stanley Thames SC

The competitors were joined by several Tamesis members for a tasty meal on Saturday evening.  The meal was prepared by Anna Finney with help from Chloe.  Alicia ran the bar.  All of which who received a standing ovation from the diners.

Sundays plentiful and welcome food and bar was provided by Jo Carstens, Alicia, Chloe and Lauren

Many many thanks to all those who helped out on the day.

A big thank you also goes to the Rater Association for organising such a fantastic turnout.




Rob Wilder wins Sondown Cup

start of the third race
Commodore Carolyne Vines presents the Sondown Cup and Elizabeth Bowl to Rob Wilder and Ben Ramage
Flinkidink has a clear lead at the finish
Flinkidink has a clear lead at the finish


Start of the third race

More photos taken by Chris Wade – see link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9X8mVqpz_X9WmFqYV80SGxFdkk?usp=sharing

Report by Joe Woods, Merlin Class Captain

Sunday 9 October saw sixteen Merlins take to the water for this year’s Tamesis Merlin Open Meeting, which forms part of the Thames Series.

Competitors were to battle it out for the Sondown Cup, awarded to overall winner of the day, and the Elizabeth Bowl awarded to the highest placed vintage boat – both held by last year’s winner Martin Hunter in boat (774) Quiver.

Martin wasn’t available to defend his titles this year, but we were gladly joined by Sel Shah and Ben Marshall sailing (1596) Volente from Thames Sailing Club and Minima and John and Oliver Bell sailing (3652) Time & Tide from Hampton. We were also joined by our very own newest Tammy recruits, Rob and Joe Hatley sailing (3545) Smooth Operator – welcome guys!

With a favourable north, north-easterly wind ranging from a 2 to 3 – John Harris – race officer of the day was able to set an X course sending boats on a beat downstream towards Lensbury to port and back up on a run towards Canbury to port. Three races were scheduled with two in the morning back to back leaving a third finale after lunch.

With a prevailing north, north-easterly wind; it was soon apparent that whoever could read and react to the shifts on the windward leg would gain the advantage and first blood went to Andrew Harris and Sara Harris sailing boat (3088) Shanandoah.

Next, it was his brother’s turn, Richard Harris sailing with Harry Harris in boat (1079) Passing Cloud, to even the score; with Rob Wilder and Milly Chong-Wilder in boat 1097 Flinkidink coming second in both races to leave all three competitors even on 4 points after two races setting up an “all to sail for” decider.

Ben Ramage joined Rob as crew in the afternoon race and with the wind dropping managed to fend off both Richard and Andrew Harris to take the last race and win the overall event in what made up a very exciting and entertaining day’s racing.

Our congratulations to Rob Wilder and Milly Chong-Wilder and Ben Ramage sailing boat (1097) Flinkidink as winners of the Sondown Cup and Elizabeth Bowl; to Richard and Harry Harris in boat (1079) Passing Cloud in 2nd place; to Andrew and Sara Harris, sailing boat (3088) Shanandoah in 3rd place and to Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts and Tom McLaughlin in boat (1136) Shoestring in 4th place.

Our special thanks to: John Harris as officer of the day; to Colin Stokes in the box; to Caroline Stilwell and Margaret Stokes taking the entries and updating the score sheets; to the patrol boat crews; to Jo Carstens and her team in catering and to all the competitors, visitors and spectators for their support.



Jon Redding wins Laser Barometer for third year running

Merlin sailor Jon Redding won the Laser Barometer in a borrowed Laser for the third year in succession at Tamesis on Sunday 2 October.

In brilliant conditions with the north westerly wind giving long beats and runs Jon Redding may have won all three races for the Barometer Trophy but he didn’t win any of them without a fight.  In race one he and Donald Forbes reached the first windward mark side by side with Donald taking the faster course down wind to gain a lead which he held for the next two and a half laps.  On the final run Jon spotted a stronger breeze on the Middx bank, using this to draw level with Donald and be inside on the final mark to take the race with Andrew Harris third.  Carolyne Vines finished fourth and Constantin Gerber fifth.

Race two saw Jon away to another good start and Andrew Harris leading the pursuers.  Chris Taggart was up there and Donald was catching up after a bad start.  Andrew got close to Jon but couldn’t pass and was concerned to defend his second place from Donald, which he did.  Chris made it to a very creditable fourth place with Constantin fifth again.

Race three began as a runaway race for Jon after a third good start and Harry Harris leading his uncle Andrew for a beat at least but as the race went on the final lap leaders Jon, Andrew and Donald closed with Andrew getting the inside berth at the last mark.  Having lost the inside berth, Jon had stood out before rounding and then reached in at speed, tacking on the mark and then beat Andrew over the short beat to the finish line.  So the first five were Jon, Andrew, Donald, Peter and Carolyne

Final overall result: 1st Jon Redding, 2nd Andrew Harris, 3rd Donald Forbes, 4th Carolyne Vines, 5th Constantin Gerber.

Open the following link for photos taken by Chris Wade  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9X8mVqpz_X9TkZMSXZsVzJkdFE?usp=sharing

lining up for the start
Jon Redding receives the trophy from the Commodore and Constatin Gerber gets the young sailor’s prize
Jon Redding (centre) crosses the finishing line as other Lasers run upstream
Jon Redding (centre) crosses the finishing line as other Lasers run upstream
running upstream
running upstream

img_8502lineing up for the start of the third race

Nat 18s at Southampton Boat Show

The National 18s Ultra ‘Shadow’ nr 412 was displayed on a stand at the Southampton Boat Show this year.  The boat attracted a lot of attention, and it is hoped the 18s will take a stand at the Show next year.

Two 18s took part in ‘The Battle of the Classes’  which took place on the Sunday of the show.  Panther (406) with Gregor Davidson, Jess Berney and Ollie Southgate, and Hurricane (401) with Ollie Houseman, Doug Nestor and Jeremy Vines.   A 90 minute pursuit, raced in Westerly 20+ knots with lots of reaching.   Panther was 18th and Hurricane 30th .  Though not deliberately attention seeking, Hurricane had a collision with the Committee boat, and Panther a capsize four minutes before the N18 start and still crossed the line on time.  Hurricane also lost wireman Doug for a while and he showed he had a good front crawl by catching up.

Report Jeremy Vines


Shadow on the stand with Max Vines attending


Shadow and Hurricane blasting across the Solent