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The just published December edition of the Yachts & Yachting has a literally scintillating picture of Odyssey on page 91 along with an article on our N18 UK Inland Championship, courtesy of Paula Irish the Y&Y Clubs and Classes editor.

In addition to the 2015 annual A-Z of Dinghies and other articles, the magazine has a good article on Winter Series Weather … just right for our SailJuice Series participants.  It even cites some Rutland water specifics.

The Odyssey picture that Y&Y chose was taken by Nicky Chavasse.



Odyssey, number 400, the prototype of the newly adopted ‘Ultra’ design of National 18, ably sailed by Joe & Tom McLaughlin, won On-the-Water Cup at the well attended UK Inland Championship at Tamesis Club on 26th September by a clear margin … with three bullets. The win, in very light airs, put paid to any questions on whether the fairly flat aft section Ultras could perform well in these light conditions.

The Goose Drank Wine, 369, an ‘Ultimate’ design, sailed by Jeremy & Max Vines was second On-the-Water. Another ‘Ultimate’ Zephyr, 374, sailed by Ian Burnett and in turn Anne Bayne and Angela Caldara was third.

With four different types of National 18’s since 1938, there is also the National 18 Cup, based on individual ‘Boat & Helm’ handicaps. This cup was closely contested with only three points separating the first four boats, in the ‘three race no discounts’ series. It was won by Zephyr with Odyssey second; The Goose Drank Wine third and Antidote, 348, sailed by Chris Pollard and Konstantin Gritsaenko, fourth.

The pictures are by Carolyne Vines & Nicky Chavasse.


Commodore Dons His Skates

Just three boats braved the rain and Northerly gales (well, nearly up to to Force 1) for the soggy August Bank Holiday Pursuit Race.   Commodore Stewart Colley really got his sailing skates on and not only managed to maintain his handicap start advantage but actually increased it through the race against two well sailed National Eighteens: Orion, Alan Green, and One over the Eight, Doug Pope.  In spite of the rain, all three boats clearly enjoyed their race … an encouragement for others to turn up in future.


With the jet streams so far South this year we expected summer would not be like last in Ireland and sadly we were right. The Cork Nationals were very breezy – and with a Race Officer determined to run ten good races out at sea there were plenty of thrills and spills.

All eleven of the new Morrison designed ‘Ultras’ were there and it is amazing that it was only a year ago that the Class gave a go ahead.  The new fleet looks great with each boat a different colour scheme and already developing a character of its own as 18s have always done.
There were thirteen Ultimates and five Classics, making 29 boats in all.

On Monday there was a full gale so we all piled in to two large yachts and went to the pub in East Passage. A major boost to their afternoon trade!  That meant three back-to-back races on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was tough!

Tamesis representatives were Ollie Houseman, Kahn Yargici and Jeremy Vines sailing the Ultra ‘Hurricane’.  They had lots of downwind thrills and no spills and a mid-fleet result.   Honours went to the Irish in each fleet and overall winner on points count was an Ultimate.

Irish hospitality was huge and the final rendering of Paddy M’Ginty’s Goat was in the not so wee hours of Saturday morning.

Findhorn next year!


The weekend of 13th & 14th June is a very exciting one for the Tamesis National Eighteens.

On Saturday 13th June the National Eighteens are sailing for the 1832 Queen Adelaide Cup (handicap) and the 1937 Tamesis Anchor trophy (on-the-water). Always exciting, this club event is especially exciting this year because it is:
• the first ‘Battle of the Ultras’ for a trophy ever anywhere. Odyssey, 400, sailed by Peter Adams, will come head to head with Hurricane, 401, sailed by Ollie Houseman, for the first time, and
• it is also the first ‘Battle of the Ultras and the Ultimates’: among others Heat Wave, 343, Zephyr, 374, and Rhapsody, 375, will be battling to try and make sure that the Ultras don’t have it all their own way. On their day, the Penultimates could also enter into this particular ‘Battle’ and win (they last won a major Tamesis trophy on-the-water about six years ago).

The running order for the Saturday is two races starting at 11 a.m. and 12 noon, a break for lunch at about 1 p.m. and then have the third race start at 2 p.m. Come down and see the action. You can also see typically 20 juniors sail training the afternoon.

Indeed there are a couple of opportunities for you to join in the Saturday racing as there are some Eighteens available on loan by their kind owners.  Just call Ian Burnett (07768 697362 or 01372 363020).  As this is a club event, there is no entrance fee.

On the catering front, to be individually paid for, the plan is:
• Bacon butties for the troops to ‘carb up’ before the first race.
• Sandwiches or a ploughman’s at the planned 1 p.m. lunchtime (pretty much as we did at last September’s UK Inland Championship), with Phil’s Bar open.
• Simple tea and cake afterwards, probably at about 3.30. p.m.

On Sunday 14th June, a good number of Eighteens will racing in the morning Sunday Points Race. So others in the club will be able to see what a decent size Penultimate, Ultimate and Ultra Eighteen fleet can look like. Then at 2 p.m. we will be having a Tamesis Odyssey Re-launch. The idea was that all of the ‘Fab Fifteen’ Odyssey contributors would be there to have their picture taken with Odyssey. Unfortunately only twelve of the ‘Fifteen’ can make it but we will still have a picture. It is envisaged that the Queen Adelaide Cup & Tamesis Anchor Trophy will also be presented after the Re-launch photo.

After the picture, any of ‘the twelve’ who wish will have a go in Odyssey as can, afterwards, any other club members who would like a ‘spin’ in an Ultra. Hurricane might well also be available for these ‘Ultra’ fun sales.

All told, it should be a great weekend.


P1000387 - Crop



The N18 Fleet aims to have decent participation in all of three of the National 18 championships, including by our Ultimates.  However, we will fairly shortly have Ultra Odyssey at Tamesis.  In addition to getting new ‘young’ people sailing her at Tamesis, we also want to have her sailing in the N18 championships.  We want as strong a crew as possible for each championship.  We also if possible want to ‘spread the wealth’ with potentially different crews sailing in each championship, given chronologically below:

• English National Championship (Bosham Sailing Club) – Sunday 5th July (after Bosham Regatta on Saturday 4th)
• British & Irish Championship (Royal Cork Yacht Club) – Starts Sunday 26th to 31st July
• UK Inland Championship (On-the-Water & Handicap trophies) – Saturday 26th September – First Race 11.00 a.m.

This is an open invitation for crews to apply to sail Odyssey in each of these championships: three person crews for Bosham and Cork and two (or three) person crew for Tamesis.  For all championships, if you are interested in sailing Odyssey, please initially contact Ian Burnett by e-mail, iand.burnett@tiscali.co.uk, telling him: in which championships you would want to sail (& order of preference); who is in your crew; why you think your crew would be the strongest for each championship; what your preparation for the championship would be.  In the event of two crews wanting to go to the same championship, Ian Burnett & Jeremy Vines will be the ‘judges’. Being one of (or related to) the Fab Fifteen who funded the purchase of Odyssey has no bearing on the choice of crews!

For information about sailing at Cork, e.g. ferries and accommodation, and/or about accommodation at Bosham, please contact Jeremy Vines; jeremy@picklecorner.co.uk

Swiftness in responding to this invitation is urged; particularly for Cork as time is getting short for booking ferries and accommodation.

It is noted that membership of the National 18 Association is required for all championship entries, £20 for boat owners and £10 for associate members.


After five months, the Tamesis National 18 fleet’s appeal for funds to buy one of the new ‘Ultras’ has succeeded. The fleet has raised enough funding to buy the Ultra prototype ‘Odyssey’ … the boat that we have seen at Tamesis both for our trials at the club and when ‘parking between trips’ on her demonstrations odyssey around the UK. This was all made possible by contributions from fifteen far sighted people … the ‘Fab Fifteen’.

The deposit has been paid, with the balance due when we have received the boat at Tamesis; after some jib sheeting modifications (potentially at White Formula) to make her easier to sail on the river … not yet certain.

One thing is however certain. That is that there will be a celebration of having Odyssey (N18 400) at Tamesis. The idea is that all of the Fab Fifteen will be present and have a group picture taken with Odyssey and have an opportunity for a ‘ride’ or ‘drive’ that day, if wished. Others in the fleet and club will also be able to ‘have a go’. The planned date for this event is 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 14th June. Please put it in your diaries. This is the day after the National Eighteen fleet’s Queen Adelaide and Tamesis Anchor racing and the same day as the Commodore’s Cocktail Party. So the club and the whole 18 fleet, especially the Fab Fifteen, can properly celebrate the fleet’s success.

Odyssey is intended to kick start N18 fleet’s modernisation & rejuvenation; in terms of both boats and people. The average age of the active and ‘retired’ contributors to our Ultra appeal was about 74. So, whilst all fleet members are valued, the need for some fresh/young blood is self evident. All credit to the Fab Fifteen for recognising that need and looking to the future.

You will be hearing more over the coming months about how the N18 fleet plans to utilise Odyssey in its fleet rejuvenation & modernisation … and be an inspiration to all Tamesis juniors.

RYA Susuki Dinghy Show Alexandra Palace, 28 Feb/1 March 2015

For those who didn’t make it to the RYA Dinghy Show, via the above link, you can see part of what you missed and some good shots of Odyssey.


The first of the new 50kg lighter National 18 ‘Ultras’ designed by Phil Morrison and built by White Formula will be on stand B24 at the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace (in the Pink Zone of the Great Hall) on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March. The boat on show (Number 401 belonging to Jeremy Vines and Ollie Houseman) will be resplendent with her navy blue and white hull; a treat for the eyes. It will be a delight to see the ‘prototype tested and fully engineered’ Ultra in the flesh, particularly noting the intricate inner hull moulding.

People from all over our National 18 universe are pulling together to man the stand; always with one or more from Tamesis on duty. Please come along and support the N18/Tamesis effort, and have fun at the show (browse ‘RYA Dinghy Show’ for further information). Please also wear any ‘National 18’ shirt or sweatshirt you might have to the show. Failing that, please wear a Tamesis shirt or sweatshirt. Either way, we would be ‘waving the flag’.

This is the first time that the National 18 has had a stand at the RYA Dinghy Show. Jeremy Vines remembers a National 18 appearing once at the National Boat Show at Earls Court in the early seventies (before the RYA Dinghy Show existed). Back then, what we now call a ‘Penultimate’ was the new boat.

On the stand, as well as trying to sell complete Ultras, we will be offering partnership percentage shares in Tamesis’ own new Ultra and also two of our Ultimates will be available for full purchase and sailing at Tamesis.

New N18 ‘Ultra’ Appeal Over Half Way There

The Tamesis National 18 fleet is running a ‘crowd fund’ appeal to buy one of the new Phil Morrison designed 50kg lighter ‘Ultra’ Eighteens (like ‘Odyssey’ that you have seen at Tamesis). The appeal has effectively reached 55.5% of its £18,000 target. This is due to some generous contributions of both cash and equipment. This still leaves £8,000 to be raised in the second phase of the fleet’s appeal. Those with associations to the N18 fleet have been contacted but if you would like to make a difference and contribute towards modernising Tamesis, in particular rejuvenating the National 18 fleet, please contact Ian Burnett on 07768 697362 or iand.burnett@tiscali.co.uk Help make it happen!


National 18 Progress

There are two ‘National 18 Progress’ booklets on the Tamesis lounge tables. They are for all to enjoy and update themselves on ‘Things National 18’. They include the latest two newsletters on the development of the new Ultra Eighteen; lots of pictures of the prototype Ultra ‘Odyssey’ having fun off Lymington; a picture of the frames of the new Ultra Hull mould and a bit on Tamesis’ N18 UK Inlands Championship last September (Gloriana, 1: National 18, 0).