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Canoe Rescue at Tamesis

After a thankfully uneventful day in the sun  for the Tamesis patrol boats covering the Traveller series Topper Open meeting, our Dory came in handy to rescue a Trowlock Island resident from the chilly waters of the Thames yesterday. He was recovered from the river, reunited with his partner , and offered the facilities of Tamesis to warm up.  They decided, however, to go merrily on their way – back home to no 7 to thaw out!

DSC01806   DSC01807

Topper Open Meeting 2nd April

Link to video by Simon Thompson – with thanks   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dnfF7ZSomg

Fourteen competitors from eight clubs enjoyed a challenging day’s racing in the sunshine at Tamesis today in strong stream and variable wind.

As well as Tamesis, we were delighted to have visitors from Papercourt, Island Barn, Chipstead, DSWC, Rye Harbour, Blue Circle and Silver Wing clubs.

Congratulations to Coco Barrett of Island Barn who won the event.

Thanks go to Carolyne Vines (Race Officer,) Barbara Adams (timekeeping in box), Daniel Gerber, Stewart Colley, Florian Krueger and Ian Ramage for running the patrol boats and Eric Finlayson and star cameraman Simon Thompson for running the press boat.

Jo Carstens and Theo did a sterling job in the kitchen and bar.

The following report was by Coco Barnett – the winner:

Thank you to Tamesis Club and everyone who participated in the Traveller and well done to Coco (1st), Annabel (2nd) and Liam (3rd).  Below is a race report by Coco Barrett.

On the 2nd April, the second South East Traveller was hosted at Tamesis Sailing Club. It was a great day with three races and a mixture of results.

The conditions were very challenging; not very much wind and a lot of stream. All 14 sailors sailed really well in the light winds and we had some good races that were very competitive. The last race was the most challenging of them all as the wind dropped and we were slowly moving backwards with the stream, well done to everyone who persevered during that race and kept going. After three races with mixed results, the top three were Coco Barrett, Annabel Summary and Liam Schiess.

Overall, it was a fun day in some very, very difficult conditions that the team at Tamesis did well to sail us in. I’d like to thank the sponsors for the event, Virtual Rigger for the generous prizes and RRS London for the continuous support. I’d also like to thank the Commodore and Race Officers at the club for a great day in difficult situations and everyone who helped out throughout the day. I’d also like to thank Tamesis Sailing Club for hosting the event. And finally I’d like to thank my parents for taking my sister and me to the event.

tamesis 2016



Full report to follow.

Queens Cup Win for Tamesis

Thanks to Jock for this slightly delayed report on his success earlier this year in a Rater –

Winner for the second year of the oldest trophy in dinghy sailing:- the Queen’s Cup for A Raters at Bourne End 2015 (and representing Tamesis)
“Adventurer” crewed by Simon Blake, Jock Wishart and Jamie Stewart

Well sailed!

Thames Rater Queen's Cup 2015

2015 Cadet Bake Off

The 2015 end of season Cadet Bake Off took place on Saturday 7th November. Good timing as strong gusty wind rather curtailed on the water activities.

There was great anticipation as 8 splendid entries made their way to the clubhouse over the afternoon, providing a demanding job for the judges, Vice Commodore and Commodore Carolyne and Stewart. They somehow rose to the challenge (Ha Ha!) as a crowd of hungry Cadets and supporters gathered round. After an arduous tasting session in very close competition, the chocolate hedgehog was declared the overall winner – by a short snout. This proved to be the signal for the company to descend upon the judging table and in no time there was hardly anything left. They must have been good!

Many thanks to Jackie Harris and helpers for providing cups of tea and juice, and to all contestants and their supporters – a fitting end to a very successful season.

Some of the amazing entries –

bakeoff 2015  BakeOff2015.6



  BakeOff2015.4   BakeOff2015.3



Cadets restart next Saturday 5th Sept 2pm

With family holidays and school holidays behind us,  Cadets get going again next Saturday afternoon. Good to get down to the club a bit early as the boats may need a little TLC as they have not been used for a month. Catch up on each others’ news and hear all about the Source to Sea Relay last weekend.

See you there!

Source to Sea Relay

A select band of Tamesis Cadets and supporters took to the water on Saturday afternoon to collect the bottle of source water from Hampton Court Palace and take it safely down to Teddington Lock as part of the Totally Thames river festival. They mustered at lunchtime at Tamesis in pleasant sunshine, and two Mirrors and a Laser were towed upstream by Tamesis III the launch and Tamesis IV the Dory. On landing at the little beach by the Palace, they were met by Cat Buffrey, the Creative Programming & Interpretation Producer, Historic Royal Palaces, and three of the smartly uniformed State Apartment Warders, for the handover of the precious bottle of water.  Rosalind in a Mirror crewed by Judith and Joe Richman accepted the bottle and did the first leg of the sail back to Teddington. The wind was a very light southerly so occasional assistance from the escort boats proved necessary to ensure we got back in time for (a late) tea!

At Thames Ditton the bottle was handed over to Ken Duffell and Matthew in the other Mirror who took it down to Kingston. There the bottle was carefully secured to Constantin Gerber’s Laser by a lanyard and he completed the delivery to Geoff, the duty lock-keeper at Teddington Lock. As the weather had deteriorated to a steady drizzle by this time we were pleased to get back to Tamesis for well earned tea and cakes, kindly provided by Judith Richman, and Sally and Rosalind Warwick-Haller. After tea, the Commodore presented all the participants with rosettes.

Peter Simpson, Daniel Gerber, Alan and Sue Green, and Stewart Colley manned the escort boats

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I have mislaid a pair of prescription sunglasses and may have left them at the club between about one and two weeks ago.

They were in a hard case with a red neoprene retaining strap. I would love to locate them.

Stewart Colley     28th June 2015