Monthly Archives February 2015

National 18 Progress

There are two ‘National 18 Progress’ booklets on the Tamesis lounge tables. They are for all to enjoy and update themselves on ‘Things National 18’. They include the latest two newsletters on the development of the new Ultra Eighteen; lots of pictures of the prototype Ultra ‘Odyssey’ having fun off Lymington; a picture of the frames of the new Ultra Hull mould and a bit on Tamesis’ N18 UK Inlands Championship last September (Gloriana, 1: National 18, 0).
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Merlin Rocket Winter Series Part Two

Well it’s great to see two qualifiers so far for the Black Mark Trophy, with Ken Duffell in first place on 53 points after 12 races averaging just under 4.5 points per race, and John Adams not far behind having qualified so far with 64 points, working out at just over five points per race.  Peter Mason missed the last Sunday’s race on the 1st February (which had only three takers – Richard Harris, John Adams and Ken Duffell, finishing in that order), but has only one more to complete in order to qualify.  Averaging a steady three points per race, this should take
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