• Shen Shui goes west in 30 degrees

    Tony and Leonie Steer have sailed Shen Shui to Falmouth in the mid-June heatwave to the RNLI Sea Shanties and Classic Boat Festival and have sent these photos of their dressed overall welcome.
  • Constantin Gerber wins Cutty Sark Bolt 2017

      Competitors drifting downstream

    Constantin Gerber receives the Cutty Sark Bolt from Peter Mason. 18.6.17  – photo Suzy Balmbro

    Sunday 18th June 2017 dawned sunny with ne’er a cloud in the sky, and ne’er a hint of wind.  There was considerable discussion about what to do. The Cutty Sark Bolt was presented by then Commodore Peter Mason as a  tribute to the original races by the Tea Clippers.  The trophy is an actual bolt from the Cutty Sark.  This pursuit race is traditionally longer than the other pursuit races Tamesis holds as the Clipper races were very long. The Cutty Sark was designed to carry tea from China to England, and it was vital to be the first ship in.  More about the story of this fascinating vessel on http://www.rmg.co.uk/cutty-sark/history In the end we opted for the shorter race and start times used for the Centenary Cup held two weeks earlier, so the slowest boats sailed for just over the hour.  This made for a much better race under the conditions. Twelve boats braved the shorter race, some not making it to the 1230 finish. The race is a fund raiser for the Cutty Sark restoration project, and we were able to collect £70. Race officer Carolyne Vines, ably assisted by Cherry Ehrlich in the box, and Peter Simpson and Ken Thatcher in the Patrol Boat, set a short course in front of the club.  The two Fireflies started first, but were quickly caught by the five strong Laser fleet.  Laser sailor Chris Taggart led from the start but was caught in the last 50 metres by fellow Laser Constantin Gerber.  Peter Mason sailing Bambusa, crewed by brother Richard, was the leading Merlin, but unable to catch the two leading Lasers.  Chris Balmbro crewed by Clara Wade was fourth in Merlin Bad Company. Ana, Jo and Lauren kept us going afterwards by doing the bar and serving up great lunches The prizes – boxes of green tea – were presented by the donor Peter Mason.  Constantin – the first Laser sailor to win the Cutty Sark Bolt, graciously thanked his fellow competitors and the organising team. 1st Laser 135387 Constantin Gerber 2nd Laser 130773 Chris Taggart 3rd Merlin 847 Bambusa Peter and Richard Mason 4th Merlin 3062 Bad Company Chris Balmbro and Clara Wade
  • Rude Mechanicals Theatre Performance a great success

    The Rude Mechanical theatre company visited on Friday 9th June for their third performance at the club. The large audience of circa 175 visitors and members were treated to a spectacular display of acting, singing and musicianship. Luckily the rain stayed away A first timer had the following comment:  We all really enjoyed it. It was something different and the cast were very talented.  It was also fun to have a picnic and we all ate far too much! The audience and cast also enjoyed drinks from the bar, including two draught beers from Rebellion.
  • Ken Duffell wins Queen Adelaide Cup

    The Queen Adelaide Cup, Tamesis Club’s oldest trophy, was won by Ken Duffell sailing Orion, National 18 336. on Saturday 10 June. He was crewed by Peter Konidaris and Matthew Valentine, his grandson. Normally a Merlin helmsman, Ken had been lent Orion by Vice Commodore Alan Green who was unable to sail because of a temporary health problem. The Tamesis Anchor was won by Chris Pollard, crewed by Caroline Stillwell, in Antedote, National 18 348.
  • Tamesis training back with a bang

    Eric Finlayson, the Club’s RYA training instructor, reports that weekly training sessions are “Back with a Bang”. Training started again after PTBO with a bang on Sunday 4 June with twelve students on four different courses in nine boats. While both Wayfarers and Laser 2ks were as ever the backbone of the fleet the newly acquired and refurbished Oppies were the hit of the day. “After brief on shore instruction several of our new young members took to the water in them and very quickly mastered the basics of sailing on their own. Other youngsters used Toppers and even managed not to capsize (yet). Adult beginners had the benefit of onboard instructors whilst others with ‘big boat experience’ were going so fast it was difficult to catch them up for some fine tuning instruction. Although the wind was as ever flukey, everyone coped well and a good time was had by all. Regular racers watch this space.”
  • Andrew Harris wins Centenary Cup 2017

    The Centenary Cup was won by Andrew and Tom Harris sailing 50 Shades (Merlin Rocket 3723) in an inter-class pursuit race on Sunday 4 June. They beat Charles Fox and Steve Katz in Geniveve (National 18 266) by only seconds in a 14 boat fleet. Race Office Rob Wilder sent the competitors off on a lengthy course in an eight knot west south westerly wind. Results: 1 Andrew & Tom Harris (MR 3723), 2 Charles Fox & Steve Katz (N18 266), 3 Marcus Chavasse (Laser 197213), 4 Peter & Richard Mason (MR 847), 5 Paul Jamieson (Laser 170263). Click on the following link to view photos by Chris Wade including some from the sailing instruction in the afternoon. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9X8mVqpz_X9T2FQbFlxLW5kdFU Commodore Carolyne Vines presents the Cup to the winners Rob was helped in the box by his daughter Milly and Sara Jamieson. Sean Roberts and Phil Abbey operated the patrol boats, and Anna, Jo and Lauren prepared and served lunch.
  • Bank Holiday Monday Pursuit Race 29th May

    Four boats took part in today’s pursuit race, which took place in extremely light airs.  Great patience was required by all as the wind was very light and variable. At times the wind died away completely only to reappear from a different direction.  
    Chris Taggart won by a wide margin in his Laser, Chris Balmbro, crewed by his son William, was second in Merlin Rocket 3062 “Bad Company”.  Alan Green crewed by Pete Kondaris was third in N18 336 “Orion” . Jim Hamilton was close behind Alan in fourth place sailing his Firefly 3179 “Fiasco”.  
    Many thanks go to everyone involved in the race including the race box team and patrol boat crew. Thanks also to the catering team.
    Rupert Fletcher OOD
  • Shen Shui sails to Dartmouth

    Tony and Leonie Steer sailed from the Solent to Dartmouth in their yacht Shen Shui on 22 May. Leonie reports “We arrived in Dartmouth after a lovely 9 hour downwind crossing of Lyme Bay, often surfing at 7 knots. Oscar (the ship’s cat) is fine.” On 25 May she added that they hoped to sail on to Newton Ferrers to visit friends. On Saturday 3 June Leonie reported “It was a bit misty around Start Point but cleared enough for Oscar to check the transit into Newton Ferries.  He was very impressed that Falmouth was dressed all over to welcome him in! We are tucked up here.”
  • Teddington Scouts visit Tamesis for boat training

    On Thursday 25 May Tamesis Club welcomed members and officers of the 1st Teddington Scout Group. After a brief explanation of the basics of sailing the group were given a detailed safety briefing then fitted with buoyancy aids. This was followed by a quick “on shore” demonstration of boat handling. The visitors were then split up between those who wished to take part in the normal Thursday race in a National 18 or to get further instruction with an RYA instructor in a Wayfarer or Laser 2000. Those opting for instruction went on a cruise up river to Kingston Bridge gaining experience in sail setting and helming. The weather could not have been better, although the wind was particularly fickle. On returning to the club the visitors were eager to jump into the river whilst the instructors put the boats away before enjoying a well deserved pint. The visitors seemed to have enjoyed the experience and the instructors gained useful experience dealing with a large and high spirited group. Tamesis is an RYA approved training centre offering a variety of courses for all ages and experience and has recently added Start Racing to its extensive range of courses. The club welcomes new members whether experienced sailors or absolute beginners.
  • Rob and Milly Wilder second at Thames Merlin open

    Thames Sailing Club hosted a Merlin Open meeting on Sunday 14 May which is part of the Thames Series in which visitors from Tamesis, Hampton & Fishers Green SC joined the locals.  A decent breeze allowed for a beat up towards Thames Ditton Marina and a run back downstream to a leeward mark just off Raven’s Ait.  Rob & Milly were leading the first race when on the beat a big gust came and knocked them flat. They didn’t go over but managed to take in a fair bit of water, letting John & Livvy Bell into the lead, but they still finished second. The second race was held back to back in similar conditions, with John and Livvy & Rob and Milly breaking away from he rest of the fleet. John managed to win having the edge on upwind wind speed.   The third race started in less breeze, which seemed to build through the race. Rob and Milly lead from start to finish.  Results:  !st 1222 John & Livvy Bell – Hampton SC 2nd 1097 Rob Wilder & Milly Chong-Wilder – Tamesis Club 3rd 1742 Jon & Annabel Steward – Fishers Green SC