Tamesis Club organises races every Sunday and on Thursday evenings in the summer for National 18s, Merlin Rockets, Fireflies, Lasers, and Cadets. (Please see PROGRAMME page and COMING EVENTS page for details.)

Youngsters who learned to race on these challenging waters have gone on to win national championships and to sail for Britain in the Olympics. We take our racing seriously and offer race training to children and adults who have successfully completed a Royal Yachting Association sail training course. We also provide sail training for youngsters in Cadets, Toppers and Optimists and training for adults in Mirrors on Saturdays from May to September. (Please see CADET page.)

The club is open throughout the year. In addition to full membership, we offer a six-week trial membership and a half-year membership option to members of other clubs which close for the winter months or who want to sail with us only in the summer. (Please see MEMBERSHIP page.)

Our Offshore Group organises cruises and an annual race and rally for members who have yachts on the south coast. (Please see OFFSHORE page.)

Details of each type of boat we sail, a phone number for the class captain and the current racing points tables can be seen by clicking on the class links at the top of this page.

Reports of recent races and the success of Tamesis members at championships and the open meetings of other clubs are on the RACE REPORTS page.

Racing at Tamesis is governed by the International Sailing Federation’s Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the Royal Yachting Association and Tamesis Club’s own Standard Sailing Instructions. (Please see SAILING INSTRUCTIONS for details.) Individual members are expected to do race officer and rescue boat duty twice a year. (Please see Tamesis Programme 2014-2015 with duty lists and OOD CHECKLIST.) Advice on how to operate the safety boat can be read on the PATROL BOAT HANDBOOK page. See also PATROL BOAT STORIES.

Tamesis Club has signed the Royal Yachting Association’s Racing Charter and is committed to ensuring that the sport of sailboat racing welcomes people and treats them equally, doing our utmost to provide a framework for the enjoyment of the sport of sailboat racing, and ensuring that those who experience sailboat racing are encouraged to continue. To achieve this we:-

  • will do our utmost to provide fun, fair and safe racing by observing the relevant guidelines endorsed by the RYA
  • will treat competitors and others involved in the sport with courtesy and respect at all times
  • expect competitors to compete in compliance with the rules, and to behave courteously in accordance with accepted standards of sailboat racing
  • will act to resolve protests or other disputes promptly using appropriate methods
  • ask competitors and others involved in the sport to help us by informing us when we fail to meet these standards
  • will not tolerate foul or abusive language, intimidation, aggressive behaviour or lack of respect for others and their property


Helmsmen and crews are reminded that 2014the wearing of lifejackets is compulsory, regardless of wind strength, throughout the Winter Series. Rule 2.3 of the Tamesis Club Standard Sailing Instructions states “Adequate personal buoyancy must be worn by all crew members whilst afloat during the period 1st November to 31st March…… Neither a wet suit nor a dry suit constitute adequate personal buoyancy.” Anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be disqualified.


Sailing Instructions

Tamesis Club Standard Sailing Instructions April 2014