Tamesis Club

Easter Egg prizes for Easter Sunday pursuit race

Large chocolate Easter eggs were presented as prizes to all the participants in the Easter Sunday pursuit race on 20 April which was won by Peter and Richard Mason in Merlin Rocket (847) Bambusa.

The eight competitors needed something to cheer them up as the racing took place in persistent rain and, in spite of the forecast, only light winds.

Overall results: 1 Bambusa (MR 847) Peter & Richard Mason; 2 Jabberwocky (MR 1950) Dana Church & Joe Woods; 3 Grey Dove (Laser 171688) Stewart Colley; 4 Make it so (MR3556) Jodok Gerber & Tina Letzinger; 5 Dragonfly (Laser 201014) Rosalind Warwick-Haller; 6 One over the eight (N18 349) Doug Pope; 7 Buzz (Laser 39245) Daniel Gerber; 8 Precious (MR 3333) John & Zoe Adams.

Rear Commodore Sailing Alan Green was the race officer and the prizes were presented by Commodore Stewart Colley.