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Sailing the Atlantic in a square rigger

Commodore Stewart Colley, who is sailing across the North Atlantic in the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s square rigger Lord Nelson, sent the following progress report on Tuesday 19 August: “Three days in Halifax and one today in lovely Lunenburg (great sea food) and we are finally off tomorrow bound for Rejavik. We plan to skirt round the grand banks to avoid fog and fishing boats. ETA about two weeks time. Our water tanks are full and we just need to top up on diesel first thing. Weather has been mixed but looks good for the next few days at least and wind should be favourable. Looking forward to some serious sailing.”

On Sunday 24 August Stewart reported that the captain of the Lord Nelson had decided to change course to avoid a possible volcanic eruption in Iceland and was now heading for the Azores.  He expressed disappointment that he would not see either Iceland or the Faroes, as had been planned.

To track the progress of the Lord Nelson please go to jst.org.uk/track-our-ships/

To see a picture of the Lord Nelson please click on http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2013-04-14/lord-nelson-meet-the-crew/

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