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Welcome to the new Tamesis Club website!

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The new website builds on the features of the existing website and introduces many more, with the new site’s focus being around news stories and race reports, our programme of events, and most importantly attracting new members.

It is quite a change in functionality from the existing website so we’d like to outline some of the changes below. Please take the time to read this post and take a look at the new website. Many members have been involved in its production (huge thanks to you all), and we hope that everyone is in favour of the changes.

Of course a huge mention to John. He has established and maintained the website as an integral part of the Club and has achieved this through his continued posting of news stories and race results as well as all his updates on a multitude of pages. This has required a lot of effort on John’s part, so thank you John. Please don’t stop!


If you’d like to provide feedback on the new website then please get in touch with Kaan Yargici.

Key Features

The key features of the new website are:

  • A new design and layout
  • A new home page including help for prospective members as well as news and events for existing members
  • Drop down menu on all pages, including a search field that enables you to quickly search the whole site
  • An About section, providing overall details about the club
  • A Membership section, providing step-by-step instructions on how to join the club, and includes membership fees and an FAQ, and most importantly a Contact Us form which we aim to prioritise over emails and the club telephone
  • A comprehensive Sailing section, including an embedded DutyMan page, Race Reports, Classifieds, Lost and Found, Class pages
  • A calendar of events, including the full programme for 2014/2015

Logging on and commenting on news articles and race reports

The new site will allow commenting on news stories and race reports. In order to comment you will need to log on, and we are hoping to provide everyone with a log on to the site. If you would like a log on account now then let Kaan know.

Tamesis Club Programme of Events

Perhaps the most useful feature of the new site is the Events page. All events for the 2014/2015 Programme have been uploaded to the site, and many more events will be too, including committee meetings, dinner talks, socials, open meetings at other clubs etc.

Contact Us form

The new Contact Us form allows anyone visiting the site to contact our Club Officers without us having to give out email address and phone numbers. This is very important for capturing interest from potential new members.

Welcome Process

To support the new website and potential new members, the Development Committee has been working on refining the welcome process. This is outlined on the site.


The new website now has built in newsletter functionality. We are looking in to the idea of emailing a weekly newsletter that will contain any new stories (like race reports), any important notices (e.g. subscriptions due), and coming events. This will also provide a quick and convenient way for members to return to the site.

Technical Stuff and credits

For those that are interested. The new website is built using WordPress and was designed and created by Kaan Yargici. The majority of the content was created by John Dunkley, especially News, Race Reports and About pages. All extra content created by Kaan.

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  1. Also, if anyone’s got any ideas of what else we could use the website for or include on the website then do let me know.

    • Will start adding summer/winter series results and some race reports and general Merlin Rocket event news.

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