Tamesis Club

Proposals for a Hydro Scheme at Teddington Lock

Dear members,
There is a proposal to develop a hydro power generator at Teddington Lock. The scheme has raised strong views either way and has been submitted a second time for planning permission.

Details of the planning application are on the London Borough of Richmond’s web site at:


The council are seeking comments on the proposal and we have agreed to host a presentation of the scheme at Tamesis on Friday 10th October so that those interested in finding out about the scheme and passing comments either to the council or to the developers have the opportunity to do so.

The exhibition is a drop-in event with material covering different aspects of the design so that people can wander about and ask questions. The time slot is 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Please note that while Tamesis is hosting the evening we are doing so to provide people with the opportunity of gaining information on the scheme and then to formulate their own opinions and not as an expression of support or otherwise of the scheme.


John Adams