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Hampton SC Merlin Open

Just finished a great weekend Merlin sailing at Hampton SC.

Yesterday was the last of the De May series events for vintage boats. It was a decent breeze with a beat upstream and run downstream.
I was crewed by Alex Warren from Shoreham SC and we managed to win all three races, so won the open and also won the De May Series for vintage Merlins.
Dana Church & Matt PJ also were sailing and finished 6th overall.

Today was another decent breeze a little stronger and I was crewed by Joe McLaughlin. We won the first race which went on for 1:30mins from John & Deirdre Bell.
The second race was sailing in an increasing breeze won by Frances Gifford and Alex Warren, we finished 5th in this race.
It was all to play for in the last race, John Bell had a flyer of start and sailed off into the lead. We finished 3rd and Matt (helming on sunday) did us a favour by beating Frances to finish 4th.

So overall we finished 2nd and John & Deirdre Bell from Hampton won the event.

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3 thoughts on “Hampton SC Merlin Open”

  1. Well done Rob, Joe, Matt and Dana. Popped along to Hampton after the Trafalgar Trophy to watch the end of race 2 and race 3. The gusts looked pretty hefty and the start line was a bit congested to say the least. Anyway, good to see two Tamesis Merlins competing in both events.

    Looking at the results of both days, looks like Dana (helming) and Matt came 4th out of 15 boats on Saturday’s De May vintage open, whilst Matt (helming) and Dana came 6th overall out of 18 boats on Sunday’s final Thames Series open.

    Here is a link to Hampton’s Merlin Open Gallery from the weekend.


    • Thanks Richard.. I didn’t have the final results at the time of posting. Great weekends sailing at Hampton, close racing and the old boats beat the new wide boats on the river even in the breeze!

      • No worries Rob. I was just looking on the Hampton website yesterday and found the sailing pics plus photos of the results board for both days. It’s great that you posted a report so quickly! And congratulations on winning the De May Series for vintage Merlins this year.

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