Tamesis Club

Patrol Boat operation changes

A big thank-you to everyone who took part in our patrol boat training/practice sessions and to everyone who mans the patrol boats!


At its meeting on 8th December, the Management Committee decided to change the roles of our two patrol boats: from now on, the dory (Tamesis IV) will be the primary “safety” boat, and the launch (Tamesis III) will be used for mark laying.


The main reason for the change is to take advantage of the low freeboard of the dory to recover someone from the water. The dory is also faster, more manouverable, and her low freeboard makes it easier to handle the rigs of capsized boats.


The Patrol Boat Panel would like to take this opportunity to remind duty crew of the value of staying afloat with the racing boats, and of checking immediately with each capsized boat that they are ok to continue.


Alan Green


Chairman Patrol Boat Panel, 8th December 2014