Tamesis Club

Boxing Day Races

The first shall be last and the last shall be first. So it was with the Boxing Day races on Friday 26 December. Mike Goldsmith won the Laser race sailing ROB (203911) in very little wind, taking just over 30 minutes to complete one round of a very short course between the recreation ground and the Canoe Club. No other Lasers took part.

Rear Commodore Sailing Alan Green was the first (and last) National 18 crewed by Pek Konidaris in Orion (336), taking almost 50 minutes round the same course.

The Merlins were rumored to be racing with the gee-gees at Kempton!

Clive Mence and Fiona Bolwell operated the two patrol boats, Adrian and Sally Warwick-Haller helped the OOD in the Smithy (no horses there), and Steve Katz served at the bar. Sally presented the Laser Pot (gozunder) to Mike Goldsmith. No presentation was made to Alan Green because non-one could find the Broken Barometer (the National 18 Boxing Day trophy) – something to do with missing keys.

Eighteen members brought scrumptious festive leftovers for lunch, and Susan Green kindly did the washing up.

Normal racing will resume when the wind blows. Happy New Year.