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Replacing the old flag pole

At last, the club has sorted out what to do about replacing the 80 year old flagpole which had become dangerously rotten in places. The new pole will be a close replica of the old one and will be made from Douglas Fir by shipwrights and riggers from the Cutty Sark. It is being fabricated now and should be installed at the end of January. The photo shows Ian Bell (ex Cutty Sark) safely lowering the old pole for it to be used as a pattern for the new one.

The plan is to have this raising-and-lowering system to hand in the future so that the flag pole can be more easily accessed for routine maintenance.




1 thought on “Replacing the old flag pole”

  1. Thanks for the pics, Peter.
    The working party team was a bit thin on Christmas eve so it was just as well you and Ian had got it all well thought out!

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