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After five months, the Tamesis National 18 fleet’s appeal for funds to buy one of the new ‘Ultras’ has succeeded. The fleet has raised enough funding to buy the Ultra prototype ‘Odyssey’ … the boat that we have seen at Tamesis both for our trials at the club and when ‘parking between trips’ on her demonstrations odyssey around the UK. This was all made possible by contributions from fifteen far sighted people … the ‘Fab Fifteen’.

The deposit has been paid, with the balance due when we have received the boat at Tamesis; after some jib sheeting modifications (potentially at White Formula) to make her easier to sail on the river … not yet certain.

One thing is however certain. That is that there will be a celebration of having Odyssey (N18 400) at Tamesis. The idea is that all of the Fab Fifteen will be present and have a group picture taken with Odyssey and have an opportunity for a ‘ride’ or ‘drive’ that day, if wished. Others in the fleet and club will also be able to ‘have a go’. The planned date for this event is 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 14th June. Please put it in your diaries. This is the day after the National Eighteen fleet’s Queen Adelaide and Tamesis Anchor racing and the same day as the Commodore’s Cocktail Party. So the club and the whole 18 fleet, especially the Fab Fifteen, can properly celebrate the fleet’s success.

Odyssey is intended to kick start N18 fleet’s modernisation & rejuvenation; in terms of both boats and people. The average age of the active and ‘retired’ contributors to our Ultra appeal was about 74. So, whilst all fleet members are valued, the need for some fresh/young blood is self evident. All credit to the Fab Fifteen for recognising that need and looking to the future.

You will be hearing more over the coming months about how the N18 fleet plans to utilise Odyssey in its fleet rejuvenation & modernisation … and be an inspiration to all Tamesis juniors.

RYA Susuki Dinghy Show Alexandra Palace, 28 Feb/1 March 2015

For those who didn’t make it to the RYA Dinghy Show, via the above link, you can see part of what you missed and some good shots of Odyssey.