Tamesis Club


The N18 Fleet aims to have decent participation in all of three of the National 18 championships, including by our Ultimates.  However, we will fairly shortly have Ultra Odyssey at Tamesis.  In addition to getting new ‘young’ people sailing her at Tamesis, we also want to have her sailing in the N18 championships.  We want as strong a crew as possible for each championship.  We also if possible want to ‘spread the wealth’ with potentially different crews sailing in each championship, given chronologically below:

• English National Championship (Bosham Sailing Club) – Sunday 5th July (after Bosham Regatta on Saturday 4th)
• British & Irish Championship (Royal Cork Yacht Club) – Starts Sunday 26th to 31st July
• UK Inland Championship (On-the-Water & Handicap trophies) – Saturday 26th September – First Race 11.00 a.m.

This is an open invitation for crews to apply to sail Odyssey in each of these championships: three person crews for Bosham and Cork and two (or three) person crew for Tamesis.  For all championships, if you are interested in sailing Odyssey, please initially contact Ian Burnett by e-mail, iand.burnett@tiscali.co.uk, telling him: in which championships you would want to sail (& order of preference); who is in your crew; why you think your crew would be the strongest for each championship; what your preparation for the championship would be.  In the event of two crews wanting to go to the same championship, Ian Burnett & Jeremy Vines will be the ‘judges’. Being one of (or related to) the Fab Fifteen who funded the purchase of Odyssey has no bearing on the choice of crews!

For information about sailing at Cork, e.g. ferries and accommodation, and/or about accommodation at Bosham, please contact Jeremy Vines; jeremy@picklecorner.co.uk

Swiftness in responding to this invitation is urged; particularly for Cork as time is getting short for booking ferries and accommodation.

It is noted that membership of the National 18 Association is required for all championship entries, £20 for boat owners and £10 for associate members.