Tamesis Club

2015 Cadet Bake Off

The 2015 end of season Cadet Bake Off took place on Saturday 7th November. Good timing as strong gusty wind rather curtailed on the water activities.

There was great anticipation as 8 splendid entries made their way to the clubhouse over the afternoon, providing a demanding job for the judges, Vice Commodore and Commodore Carolyne and Stewart. They somehow rose to the challenge (Ha Ha!) as a crowd of hungry Cadets and supporters gathered round. After an arduous tasting session in very close competition, the chocolate hedgehog was declared the overall winner – by a short snout. This proved to be the signal for the company to descend upon the judging table and in no time there was hardly anything left. They must have been good!

Many thanks to Jackie Harris and helpers for providing cups of tea and juice, and to all contestants and their supporters – a fitting end to a very successful season.

Some of the amazing entries –

bakeoff 2015  BakeOff2015.6



  BakeOff2015.4   BakeOff2015.3