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National 18s at the Bloody Mary

Four National 18s took part in the Bloody Mary pursuit race at Queen Mary Reservoir, Staines today, hosted by Queen Mary Sailing Club.  Odyssey – Tamesis own 18′ was helmed by James Fox, Joe McLaughlin was middleman and Kaan Yargici was on the wire.  The others were Hurricane helmed by Ollie Houseman, Jeremy Vines middleman and Steve on the wire.  Hundreds of boats took part.  Fuller report to follow.





Odyssey rounding one of the leeward marks.


Hurricane rounding the same mark


2 thoughts on “National 18s at the Bloody Mary”

  1. Well done guys – looks like great sailing and such lovely weather – not a sign of snow!

  2. Overall results out of 217 competitors:
    James Fox, Kaan Yargici and Joe McLaughlin 29th
    Olly Houseman, Steve Watton and Jeremy Vines 106th

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