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Topper Open Meeting 2nd April

Link to video by Simon Thompson – with thanks   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dnfF7ZSomg

Fourteen competitors from eight clubs enjoyed a challenging day’s racing in the sunshine at Tamesis today in strong stream and variable wind.

As well as Tamesis, we were delighted to have visitors from Papercourt, Island Barn, Chipstead, DSWC, Rye Harbour, Blue Circle and Silver Wing clubs.

Congratulations to Coco Barrett of Island Barn who won the event.

Thanks go to Carolyne Vines (Race Officer,) Barbara Adams (timekeeping in box), Daniel Gerber, Stewart Colley, Florian Krueger and Ian Ramage for running the patrol boats and Eric Finlayson and star cameraman Simon Thompson for running the press boat.

Jo Carstens and Theo did a sterling job in the kitchen and bar.

The following report was by Coco Barnett – the winner:

Thank you to Tamesis Club and everyone who participated in the Traveller and well done to Coco (1st), Annabel (2nd) and Liam (3rd).  Below is a race report by Coco Barrett.

On the 2nd April, the second South East Traveller was hosted at Tamesis Sailing Club. It was a great day with three races and a mixture of results.

The conditions were very challenging; not very much wind and a lot of stream. All 14 sailors sailed really well in the light winds and we had some good races that were very competitive. The last race was the most challenging of them all as the wind dropped and we were slowly moving backwards with the stream, well done to everyone who persevered during that race and kept going. After three races with mixed results, the top three were Coco Barrett, Annabel Summary and Liam Schiess.

Overall, it was a fun day in some very, very difficult conditions that the team at Tamesis did well to sail us in. I’d like to thank the sponsors for the event, Virtual Rigger for the generous prizes and RRS London for the continuous support. I’d also like to thank the Commodore and Race Officers at the club for a great day in difficult situations and everyone who helped out throughout the day. I’d also like to thank Tamesis Sailing Club for hosting the event. And finally I’d like to thank my parents for taking my sister and me to the event.

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Full report to follow.