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Jack’s Trip 2016

Jack’s Trip 2016

Tamesis’ offshore fleet has continued to decline to the extent that it has become difficult to find a convenient date. The Bank of England Sailing Club has agreed for Tamesis/Ariel to join their annual regatta in Cowes on the Bank Holiday weekend, 28th/29th May.

Racing would be from the Cowes RORC/Corinthian line and we can choose from one of the 4 options set out below. We could, for example, do the pursuit race on the Saturday and go to the barbecue, and even race on Sunday as well.


You could basically chose from a combination of any of the following options :

Saturday 28th May

  1. Pursuit Race : Solent Cowes to Cowes

– each boat given an individual starting time, depending on handicap.

– first start around  10.00 the typical length of race circ. 4 hours, depending on conditions.

  1. Pursuit Race plus informal barbeque at RORC (Cowes Corinthian) in evening circ. 19.00.

Sunday 29th May : Solent racing Cowes to Cowes

  1. Separate racing for a Cruiser and an IRC fleet, first start around 10.00 RORC / Corinthian line.
  2. Racing, typically over 4-5 hours,  followed by formal 3 course dinner in evening at RORC /Corinthian circ. 19.30 for 20.00.


Many thanks to Brian Timbrell for organising this

Please let us have your feedback

Clive Mence