Tamesis Club

Tamesis a hive of activity for Push the Boat Out

Tamesis Club was a hive of activity for Push the Boat Out day on Saturday 14 May with 78 people signing in to have a go at sailing. They included both adults and children, some of whom had sailed before and enjoyed the experience. All were required to wear lifejackets, a supply of which was provided by the club, and they were taken out on the river by a team of experienced helmsmen supported by others in safety patrol boats in case of a capsize. The boats used included a Wayfarer, three National 18s, two Merlins, a Firefly, two Lasers and a Topper.

Bright sunshine and a cold, gusty north easterly wind provided some challenging conditions.

Many visitors enjoyed the opportunity to have lunch at the chairs and tables on the club lawn and others chose to eat inside the Clubhouse or on the veranda, which was decorated by club flags and bunting.

The event was organised by Tamesis Commodore Carolyne Vines, with help from Vice Commodore Alan Green, Peter Mason, Harbour Master Peter Johnson, Rear Commodore House Nicky Johnson, chief coach Eric Finlayson, Laser Class Captain Donald Forbes, Marcus Chavasse, Richard Harris, Jim Hamilton, and others. Carolyn Reeves ran the registration desk with help from Adrian and Sally Warwick-Haller at which all visitors were asked to sign in and Secretary Rupert Fletcher and Treasurer Graeme Lythe gave membership application forms to all those who expressed a wish to join.

John Adams and Billy were beach masters and worked really hard at keeping the flow of visitors into boats very smooth. Boats were helmed by Alan Green, Richard Harris, Peter Mason, Alan Hall, Eric Finlayson, Howard Thatcher, Tom James and Florian Krueger. Patrol safety boats were operated by Marcus Chavasse and Tom James, and Falcon Compton and Florian Krueger took visitors out in the club launches.

A barbecue lunch was provided, with Club Bosun Paul Jamieson and Phil Abbey taking the heat, supported by Jo Carstens and the catering staff in the kitchen. Sara Jamieson and Nicky Chavasse managed the food service counter. Cakes were made by members of the House Committee.

Last year’s Push the Boat Out day brought in 50 new members.


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