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N18 Class Association Recommended PY Numbers

Class recommended Portsmouth Yardstick Numbers

The N18 Class association recommends the PY numbers shown in the table below.

[table id=9 /]

The Class believes that based upon experience thus far, the numbers shown above, form 
a fair starting point for club and open events. They should be varied to take account of local circumstances and experience.

The PY number (936) currently published in the RYA’s 2016 list is an ‘experimental’ number with the note that: These numbers are published by the RYA based on a new design or development class with a relatively low amount of return data. These numbers are less likely to be suitable for all clubs than the RYA list however may give an appropriate starting point for boats to get onto a club List.

The Class believes that the PN 936 may be based on a mix of results from Ultras and Ultimates and therefore it is not applicable to any category. The RYA have in fact agreed to delete it.

Clubs are urged to submit race results in categories to the RYA because in this way only will the PNs become properly established. Competitors are asked to include their category (i.e. 18 Ultra) when entering events, and Clubs are requested to report results in the same way. This approach has been discussed with the RYA and has their full support.

Any owner not sure which category to use should contact the Class Captain.