Tamesis Club

Andrew Harris wins Great Tea Race

Andrew and Tom Harris won the Great Tea Race sailing Passing Cloud, Merlin Rocket 1079, at Tamesis on Sunday 26 June.  They beat 15 other boats in this one and a half hour multi-class pursuit race by more than two minutes in a moderate north westerly wind and warm sunshine.  Vice Commodore Alan Green was second in Orion, National 18 336, crewed by Peter Konidaris.

Race Officer Brian Southcott set a straightforward course with a single dogleg which required port and starboard roundings of  Cadet and Club marks in midstream.  Some helms found  this confusing and only eight boats managed to sail the correct course.  One shrewd observer commented afterwards “They didn’t seem to know the difference between their left and their right.  We might have to rename it the Uffa’s Spoon Race!”

Results:  1 Passing Cloud (MR 1079) Andrew & Tom Harris; 2 Orion (N18 336) Alan Green & Peter Konidaris;  3 Phew (Laser 178209) Henry Defries; 4 Avenger (MR 1004) Ken Duffell & Matt Valentine.

The prizes were presented by Chris Pollard, Rear Commodore Sailing.

Commodore Carolyne Vines thanked Brian Southcott for being OOD, Carolyn Reaves in the box, and Peter Simpson and Ken Thatcher in the patrol boat and  Jo Carstens, Carina and Theo for preparing the food for lunch.