Tamesis Club

Saga Trophy Results

The first of the Thursday evening handicap series , the Saga Trophy, has now been completed with a good series of races and with 7 boats completing 5 or more races to qualify. Detailed results are pinned up in the club on the ‘Offshore’ board but the 7 qualifiers the results are:


Boat Number Name Helm Crew Races sailed Total points for best 5 races Position
Laser 197213 RTM Marcus Chavasse   7 8 1
N18 336 Orion Alan Green Garrie Mallen 6 12 2
Merlin Rocket 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell Brian Corking 6 13 3
Merlin Rocket 1212 Fair Kop Barry Mourant Carolyne Vines /Peter Johnson 5 20 4
N18 348 Antedote Chris Pollard Debbie Leach/Anne Bayne 5 22 5
Laser 89025   Graham King   6 23 6
Firefly 8179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton   5 33 7


As can be seen , the results are very close, so sign up and make the next series, the GW Smith Trophy, starting this Thursday, 7th July, even closer.  As this will be a shorter series than the Saga Trophy, only 4 races are needed for qualification.