Tamesis Club


Sunday 10th July

Red and Green, and Black and Blue

First day of sailing and it blew like old boots!

The Tamesis line up is –

3479 Ragtime  Rupert Fletcher and Paul Jamieson

3606  Take it Easy  Ken Duffell  and Joe Woods

3649  Millie  Andrew Harris and Andrea Downham

Ex Tammy members and Tammy members crewing include –

3165  Panatella  David Croft and Abigail Croft  (RYA)

3673  Caroline Croft and Beka Jones  (Blithfield)

3676  Hot Tottie  Phil Dalby and Fran Gifford  (Ranalagh)

3726  The Dark Side  Will Henderson and Mary Henderson  (Salcombe)

Local friends from Hampton include  –

3560 Luka  Stuart and Anna Jenkins

3652   John and Olivia Bell

The morning race was red and green flights and the afternoon – rather appropriately black and blue!

It was blowing quite hard for the first race and Rupert decided to retire half way through with the boat in one piece, not fancying a blast up to Gerston in those conditions. Ken and Joe persevered but broke a spreader off capsizing and were towed in. Fortunately after much searching they located Dirty Hands Phil Scott who promised an overnight carbon fibre repair. Fingers crossed they’ll be back on the water for Monday afternoon.

The best placed Tammy member was Fran Gifford, 5th with Phil Dalby, and ex Tammy Caroline Croft was just behind at 6th. Will and Mary Henderson were 14th

For the afternoon race the wind had really got up and it was chaotic around the start line with capsizes all over the place.  Andrew had a great start from the Salcombe end of the line and eager Tammy spectators were mystified when he failed to appear with the leaders on the run back. Even more disappointed as nearly the whole fleet (at least the select band of successful starters) came past. The story was revealed by Caroline Croft in the bar later, that he was 4th round the first mark, but in their eagerness to get the spinny up the instant they rounded the upwind mark in the fiercesome blow, they capsized spectacularly, and took rather a long time to recover. Shame!

John Bell came 18th in the afternoon and David Croft 27th

With no Tammy boats finishing on Sunday, we are hoping for better luck tomorrow!

DSC02546 DSC02566

Morning and afternoon starts, with Millie 3649 beautifully positioned.

Millie preparing for the start
Millie preparing for the start
Ragtime beats up past the clubhouse
Ragtime beats up past the clubhouse
Ragtime on the run
Ragtime on the run
Take it Easy beats up past Smalls Bay
Take it Easy beats up past Smalls Bay
Take it Easy getting ready for the start
Take it Easy getting ready for the start