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Nick Forbes second Laser at Chichester

Nick Forbes raced in the Laser class (full rig) in Chichester Harbour Week from 21 to 26 August. This is supposed to be the biggest dinghy event in the country with over 400 entries spread over 18 classes and using over 40 rescue boats.
Race 1 – Nick was going fast but went the wrong way on the complex tides. Finished 11th.
Race 2 – going fast and didn’t go the wrong way on the tide! Finished 1st
Race 3 – lying 3rd in close company with the leaders when all three of them got the wrong side of a massive wind shift. Finished 9th
Race 4 – Going fast and didn’t get caught by a windshift! Finished 1st
Race 5 – Cancelled. Storm forecast.
Overall position out of 15 Lasers – 2nd.

Marcus Chavasse took part in his RS 100 8.4 in the Medium Asymmetric fleet.  At times he was challenged by the double-handed boats, particularly the 29rs, which with two sails and trapezes manage to go faster upwind in a strong sea breeze.  Marcus used his local knowledge of the tidal streams in slightly lighter conditions to win the race on Tuesday.  Overall, he came fourth out of 20+ in the class.  This was great week with sun and wind on the first four days (unfortunately racing was cancelled on the last day with gales forecast).  With more than 400 competitors in 20 different starts, this is a great experience for Tammy members looking for something slightly different.  Let’s get a few more boats entered next year.

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  1. Simon Radford, Commodore of Bosham SC, who learned to sail at Tamesis in a Cadet in the 1970s, was fifth overall in the Laser fleet.
    Tamesis Laser sailor Marcus Chavasse, sailing for Emsworth SC, was fifth overall in the Main Asymmetric fleet in an RS100.

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