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Adventurer convincing winner of Yates Cup/Braganza Bowl 2016

Start of the Yates Cup race on Saturday. photo Carolyne Vines
The happy winners receive their trophies from the Commodore – photo by Paul Russell

More pictures by Chris Wade – see the link below:



The newest of the historic 10 strong fleet of A Raters that visited Tamesis over the weekend of 15th 16th October, convincingly won both the Braganza Bowl and the Yates Cup.

The Raters are one of the oldest dinghy classes in the country, designed specifically to sail on the river.  The boats are based at Thames Sailing Club and Upper Thames Sailing Club and come down to Tamesis every autumn to sail for these equally old trophies.

The south easterly wind lent to some exciting sailing, especially on the Sunday with  strong gusts which caused the odd near capsize.  The course was set above Stevens Ait and the lower end of Trowlock Island on both days.

On Saturday the racing was organised by OOD Peter Fryer ably assisted by Chris Taggart in the box and Simon Craig and Chris Balmbro in the launch.  Graeme Lythe officiated on Sunday also ably assisted by Hugh McLaughlin in the box, and Doug Pope Jose Ugarte, Chris Pollard and Malcolm Warner in the Safety Boats.

Chris Simon from the RYA provided valuable support judging on Rule 42 infringements.  We look forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks time.

The Yates Cup  (a single race usually the second in the series) was won convincingly by nr 24 Adventurer from Upper Thames SC.

The Braganza Bowl was hard fought for over a series of five races, four to count. It was very exciting to watch, with lots of place changes and very close finishes.


Yates Cup

1st Nr 24 Adventurer  James Date, Jamie Stewart Mike Waran  Upper Thames SC

2nd Nr 14 Spindrift Martin Hunter, Jack Hunter and Joe Tosh Upper Thames SC

3rd Nr 16 Osprey  Paul Browning, Matt Kyte Graham Bartholemew Thames SC

Braganza Bowl

1st nr 24 Adventurer James Date, Jamie Stewart Mike Waran Upper Thames SC

2nd nr 16 Osprey Paul Browning, Matt Kyte Graham Bartholemew Thames SC

3rd nr 13 Vagabond Ben Palmer, Miles Palmer Maria Stanley Thames SC

The competitors were joined by several Tamesis members for a tasty meal on Saturday evening.  The meal was prepared by Anna Finney with help from Chloe.  Alicia ran the bar.  All of which who received a standing ovation from the diners.

Sundays plentiful and welcome food and bar was provided by Jo Carstens, Alicia, Chloe and Lauren

Many many thanks to all those who helped out on the day.

A big thank you also goes to the Rater Association for organising such a fantastic turnout.