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Chris Rowsell and Alastair Stewart win Trowlock Trophy


Chris Rowsell and Alastair Stewart at the prize giving.

Please see pictures of the racing on the following link provided by Chris Wade


Eighteen boats started in fairly testy conditions, a F3 cold NW with rather stronger gusts. The start sequence commenced at 1055 with first boat to start a Topper a little late for its 1105 time setting of downstream to a mark half way to Lensbury. A lone Enterprise, a visitor from Lensbury, set off at 1120 followed one minute later by seven Lasers including some from Lensbury .  At 1120 eight Merlin Rockets joined the race.

The Enterprise overtook the Topper and was itself overtaken by a single boat, the Merlin Rocket of Richard & Harry Harris.  The rest of the fleet having more of a battle with Donald Forbes and Kaan Yargici  in their Lasers being overtaken by Joe McLaughlin & Sean Roberts in a Merlin during the final minutes.

The gusty conditions and the cold proved too much for some as four boats retired before the 1230 finish.

The first few places of Race One were first Richard & Harry Harris in Merlin 1079, 2nd Chris Rowsell & Alastair Stewart E23225, 3rd Joe McLaughlin & Sean Roberts Merlin 1230 and Donald Forbes Laser 208470

About half the fleet had opted to do only one race and they were joined by more who decided not to enjoy the calmer conditions of the afternoon race in which only four boats competed.  The Enterprise crewed by Chris Rowsell and Alastair Stewart started first at 1440 followed by Chris Taggart In his Laser then the two Merlins of Chris Balmbro & Clara Wade and Ken Duffell & Joe Wood.  The Enterprise lead was never troubled but both Merlins overtook the Laser and had a tight battle until the later stages of when Chris & Clara pulled ahead.

Overall positions

1st Chris Rowsell  & Alastair Stewart in E23225

2nd Ken Duffell & Joe Wood Merlin Rocket 3606

A tie for 3rd place in which the position in the second race prevails

3rd Chris Balmbro & Clara Wade Merlin Rocket 3062

4th  Chris Taggart Laser 130773