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60 members enjoy Commodore’s BBQ

More than 60 Tamesis members attended the Commodore’s barbecue on Sunday 17 September. Bosun Paul Jamieson was the principal chef and roasted a selection of chicken, sausages and beefburgers, helped by his wife, Sara, who handed out the plates and knives and forks, and Beatrice Russ.
The weather was kind, with warm sunshine replacing the few short showers of the morning.
Everyone was offered a Pimms or first free drink at the club bar by Commodore Carolyne Vines and strawberries were offered by Jo Carstens to all those who had room left for pudding. Jo Carstens also bought and prepared the food for the barbecue.
Cadet sailing continued well into the afternoon completing another great day at Tamesis.

Paul Jamieson serves members in the queue

Dave Baker was the first to be served

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