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Cutty Sark Bolt 2018

Cutty Sark Bolt 2018

The day dawned with a grey sky – a stark contrast to the sunshine we experienced earlier in the week.  The wind blew from the west with some north in it, then, from anywhere really.

Never the less, the turnout was truly impressive including four Fireflies, Lasers, Merlins, an Albacore, a Wayfarer and three National 18s.

We set sail downstream towards Lensbury, returning via a cross river leg on the way up.  OOD Brian Southcott set the perfect course for the very tricky conditions.

The first starting Fireflies held their lead for  two rounds, with Jim Hamilton in Fiasco in front.  Then Matt Peregrine Jones in his Laser caught up. The other classes started coming through in the third round to make it a perfect Pursuit Race with close racing towards throughout.

Peter Mason, who donated the Bolt when he was Commodore, presented the trophy together with boxes of tea which he gives every year.  He gave a fascinating brief history of the Cutty Sark.  Peter was assisted by Jim Green in presenting the prizes.

Many thanks to OOD Brian Southcott assisted by Colin Stokes, Carolyn Reeves, Peter Simpson and Ken Thatcher.

The £115 collected in Entry Fees will be donated to the Royal Maritime Museum in Greenwich which now owns Cutty Sark.

Photo:  Jim Green

The results are:

1st Merlin ‘Passing Cloud’ Richard Harris and Emma MacDonald

2nd Merlin ‘Avenger’ Andrew Harris and Sarah Warren

3rd Merlin ‘Crescendo’ – Berry Ritchie and Sue Harris

4th Laser ‘Insx-ive’ – Matthew Peregrine Jones

5th Merlin ‘Bambusa’ – Peter and Richard Mason

6th Merlin ‘Fair Kop’ – Barry Mourant and Ian Ramage

7th National 18’ ‘Trojan’ – Peter and Mike Adams

8th Firefly ‘Fiasco’ – Jim Hamilton

9th National 18’ ‘Orion’ – Alan Green and Peter Konidaris

10th Wayfare 9135 – Alan Hall and Cherry Ehrlich

11th Albacore ‘Cobblers’ – David Baker and Jim Green

12th Laser ‘Ultra Violet’ – Constantin Gerber

13th Laser ‘Road of Bones’ – Kaan Yargici

14th Laser ‘Ironing Board II’ – Ben Ramage

15th National 18’ ‘Antedote’ – Chris Pollard and Caroline Stillwell

16th Laser ‘Phew’ – Henry Defries

17th Firefly  ‘Ella’ – Florian Krueger and Sarah Altun

18th Firefly ‘Genesis’ – Matthew and Anna Dalton

19th Merlin ‘Shoestring’ – Peter Johnson and Carolyne Vines

20th Merlin ‘Precious’ – John Adams and Phil Abbey

21st Merlin ‘Ragtime’ – Rupert Fletcher and James Berry

Retd Firefly ‘Scallywag’ – Tim and Ed Medcalf, Merlin ‘Pikey’ Peter Impey and Tim G