Tamesis Club

More fun at the club over the weekend



The glorious sunshine and frisky wind meant that sailors and spectators alike had a great time at the club over the weekend.  The cadets had a fab time on Saturday both on and in the water.  The new balcony and updated cadet room were in full use.

Sunday was equally hot and windy.  The racing was postponed until the afternoon to allow the programmed canoe marathon to use the reach in the morning.  In the event the canoes didn’t come above the Lock.  This allowed the training to happen in the morning.  The club was busy with racing and instruction, some of the students having their own race – a first.  Thanks to the teams for working so hard on both instruction and racing.

Eric our Chief Instructor reported the following:

Johnny Rofe Ollie and Nickolas Henge passed youth stage 4 and then with Anna Henge Jenny and Amy Parker took part in the afternoon race in glorious weather .