Tamesis Club

GW Smith Trophy 1

‘The first race of the second Thursday evening series, the GW Smith Trophy, was an interesting race in some wind which changed just before the start from near northerly to near southerly.  However the OOD, Rupert Livesey, was quick off the mark and reversed the course from K to L, which gave a good beat up stream and run downstream.

There was good turnout of 11 boats with representatives from five different classes.  Ken Duffell and Matthew in their Merlin eventually pulled out a good lead, but not enough to beat the N18 of Charles Fox and Robert Blakebrough on handicap, with David Baker  and Jim Green in the Albacore third, Ros Warwick-Haller fourth in her Laser and Tim and Ed Medcalf 5th in their Firefly, so a good spread of classes in the top places.  Racing was close all round and the wind stayed around for most of the time giving plenty to talk about over a drink and a tasty supper.’

Report and results – John Adams

GW SmithSeries
Race Dates
Class Sail No Boat Name Helmsman Crew 05-July
Merlin 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell Mattie Valentine 2
Merlin 723 Cindy Tim Medcalf I Medcalf
Merlin 1212 Fair Kop Barry Mourant Carolyne Vines
Firefly 8179 Fiasco Jim Hamilton 8
Firefly 3841 Genesis Matt Dalton Anna Dalton
N18 334 Trojan Mike Adams Jennifer Adams
N18 336 Genevieve Charles Fox Carrie 1
Laser 208410 Grebe Stewart Colley
Merlin 1605 Omega Rupert Fletcher J Shepard
Merlin 3479 Ragtime Rupert Fletcher J Shepard 11
N18 336 Orion Alan Green Garrie Mallen 9
Merlin 3333 Precious John Adams Carolyne Vines 7
Firefly 2103 Scallywag Tim Medcalf Ed Medcalf 5
N18 334 Trojan Mike Adams Jennifer Adams
Laser 167587 Graham King
Laser 130773 Chris Taggart
Merlin 2895 Johannes Wagner L Wagner
Laser 201014 Dragonfly Ros Warwick-Haller 4
Laser 85228 That’s Quite Enough Lindsey Martin 10
Laser 188963 Zhik Peter Johnson
N18 348 Antedote Chris Pollard Caroline Stilwell
Albacore 6813 Cobblers David Baker Jim Green 3
Laser 197213 RTM Marcus Chavasse
Merlin 1136 Shoestring Peter Johnson Talluleh Harris 6