Tamesis Club

Tammy Trains

Normal training starts again on September 2nd with lots of new members and existing members finishing existing courses or going on to the next level.
As regular sailors will have noticed winds this year have been even more flukey than usual so we have a slight backlog.
To get over this we offered an extra session on Sunday! Oops maybe should have checked the weather forecast!
Two keen students Anton and Peter took us up on this and braved rain and gusty winds to sail a Mirror in the Handicap race .
An early gear failure messed this up a bit but provided learning opportunities on lee shores , towing and jury rigging .
however Peter has now completed stage one and Anton has only a few things left to complete Stage 3.

Please note good balance and trim , the slight bulge in the sail was my fault! The gaff needs to be a bit higher.
We will be training as normal on the 2nd then trying to dovetail training with racing at the regatta on Sept 9th .