Tamesis Club

Tammy Trains

Man plans and God laughs.
On the day we had only a couple of newbies and all the existing students wanted to RACE .
Mal and Eric swapped roles and the race officer kindly agreed to a fifteen minute delay to the notional 11.30 start of the Handicap.
With a lot of help from parents and others we got several Toppers on the water and pointed about in the right direction for the start.
We managed not to sink any of the keen racers so I would like to resurrect the 11.30 handicap as a way to get students into racing and will try to get as many students as possible involved in the regatta.
Big thanks to Peter and Robert for helping out on safety boats and a big thank you to Ros , one of our first in house AIs for looking after a level 1 day 1 student.
The question of numbers for  training isnt much clearer , several of our existing students finished their current courses but want to go on to the next stage!
I am considering extending training to mid October if weather and effort permit.
Thanks all
Eric Finlayson