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Record Turnout for National 18 Inland Champs

Odyssey sailed by David Vines and Max Vines. photo Susan Green


The Goose Drank … sailed by John Adams and Rupert Fletcher. photo Susan Green
John Adams and Rupert Fletcher. photo Susan Green
Max Vines and David Vines – photo – Susan Green
Alan Green reads out the prize winners – photo Jim Green
The Commodore Max Vines and David Vines – photo – Jim Green


The Commodore and John Adams – photo Jim Green



An excellent day’s sailing was held in bright sunshine and fickle, light wind when an almost-record of eleven N18s took part in the 2018 Inlands at Tamesis.  Race Officer Peter Mason set in front of the clubhouse two short courses that needed no dog-legs to provide at random beats, reaches and runs (with flat bits in between).  Yet despite the challenges the fleet coped well with few boats parked other than momentarily.

Some great new Morrison hardware graced the proceedings, 400 Odyssey (Tamesis club boat sailed by David and Max Vines), 401 Hurricane (Ollie Houseman, Anne Bayne) and 421 Optimus Prime (Kaan Yargici and Matt P-J) always in the top five except in race one when Prime was delayed and missed the start.  But Prime in her first season looked splendid and pulled up to second in race 2 showing promise for her planned touring race season.

Big surprise (not of course to those sailing her) was Barney Smith’s 369 Goose that had laid static ashore for a year and generously loaned to expert Merlin sailors John Adams and Rupert Fletcher.  Goose shot almost to the front of the fleet, often with 348 Antedote (Chris Pollard, Caroline Stilwell) on her heels keeping close company with the new Morrisons.

Welcome new owners in established Tamesis boats were Henry Defries  with Chris Taggart in former N18 class captain Ian Burnett’s 374 Zephyr, and Garrie Mallen who with Jeremy Vines in 375 Rhapsody placed 5th and 6th in races 1 and 2 steered by Garrie on his first outing at the helm – high quality guidance makes a difference.  One over the Eight returned to play, turning in a competent performance with Merlin sailors Ken Duffel (who won the Adelaide Cup in the N18 Orion) and Joe Woods, plus Ken’s grandson Matt Valentine (also an Adelaide Cup winner).

The day was rounded off with an early supper and prizegiving, dinner laid on by the house catering team under R/C House Nicky Johnson and team leader Jo Carstens.

A great effort by Tammy member Ollie Houseman to trail 401 Hurricane all the way over from Bristol for the event and we now expect this re-established event to bring back next year more of the class from other clubs.  We will be ready!


Maddison Cup – first over the line

Odyssey – David Vines and Max Vines

Eighteen Cup – Handicap

The Goose Drank – John Adams and Rupert Fletcher

Open results Race 1

1  Goose, 2 Hurricane, 3 Odyssey, 4 Antedote, 5 Rhapsody

Handicap results Race 1

1 Goose, 2 Antedote, 3 Rhapsody, 4 Zephyr

Open results Race 2

1 Odyssey, 2 Optimus Prime, 3 Hurricane, 4 Goose, 5 1/8

Handicap results Race 2

1 Goose, 2 1/8, 3 Odyssey, 4 Antedote.


Entry list

Opti Prime Kaan Yargici & Matt PJ
Orion Alan Green & Falcon Compton
Trojan Mike & Jenny Adams
Genevieve Charles Fox & Robert Blakebrough
One / 8 Ken Duffell, Joe Wood, Matt Valentine
Antedote Chris Pollard & Caroline Stilwell
Zephyr Henry Defries & Chris Taggart
Rhapsody Garrie Mallen & Jeremy Vines
Hurricane Ollie Houseman & Anne Bayne
Odyssey David Vines & Max Vines
The Goose John Adams & Rupert Fletcher


Alan Green

30 Sept 2018


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