Tamesis Club

Ben Ainslie Trophy 2018

The fleet – photo Jenny Finlayson

The Ben Ainslie Trophy is a signed photo of the famous sailor with his Finn Rita.  It was presented to the club by Suzy Balmbro.

A mix of Toppers and Lasers set sail in a mass start.  The racing was close.  James Callender in Laser Buzz crossed the finishing line first, but lost out once the handicap was applied.

1st Topper 40070 Peter Beugelink

2nd Topper 37597 Anton Beugelink

3rd Laser 39245 James Callender

4th Topper 15138 S Edmundson

5th Topper 29672 Deonora DeBilio

6th Topper 33542 Lorenzo DeBilio

7th Topper 36516 Alden Horwitz

8th Topper 28137 Eduard Buss

The prizes were presented in the clubhouse after the race