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Returning sailors win the Trowlock Trophy

photo Robin Lince
photo Robin Lince
photo Eric Finlayson

The Trowlock Trophy is a pursuit race which has been run by Ariel SC for many many years.  The former members gave us a great race today.

The course was a loop laid in front of the club taking full advantage of the southerly.  The advantage definitely with the classes which started first in the fleet of twenty boats

The only Enterprise sailed by Paul and Katy Englemann from Queen Mary SC soon passed the Toppers.  The Lasers and Wayfarer started next.  The Wayfarer sailed by  Alan Hall and Carolyne Vines quickly left the Lasers behind and went in hot pursuit of the Enterprise.  The merlins who started next never really made an impression which is unusual. The Engelnaans stayed ahead til the fnish, though were nearly caught at one stage.

The prize giving took place afterwards.  Paul graciously thanked the Race Team – Simon Thompson, Jenny Finlayson, Robin Lince and John Storey.


1st Enterprise 23045 Bone Wood Paul and Katy Englemann Queen Mary SC

2nd Wayfarer 9135 Blues Parkly Alan Hall and Carolyne Vines

3rd Laser 135387 Ultraviolet Constantin Gerber

4th Laser 178209 Phew Henry Defries

5th Laser 211865 Bardot Neville Upton

6th Merlin 847 Bambusa Peter Mason and Barbara Adams

7th Merlin 607 Crescendo Berry Ritchie and Sue Harris

8th Laser 28470 Grebe Stewart Colley

9th Merlin 3259 Chimp David Baker and Jim Green

10th Laser 130773 Chris Taggart

11th Merlin 1004 Avenger Ken Duffell and Joe Woods

12th Merlin 1842 Emmeline Tim and Veronique Medcalf

13th Merlin 1212 Fair Kop Barry Mourant and Ian Ramage

14th Merlin 1136 Shoestring Peter Johnson and Paul Jamieson

15th Merlin 1605 Omega Rupert Fletcher and Suzette Edmondson

16th Merlin 3520 Frogmarch Peter Impey and Tim Ginn

17th Laser 146120 Storm Ellen Schwartz

18th Laser 39245 Buzz James

19th Topper 37597  Peter

Retd Topper 28137 Henry Medcalf