Tamesis Club

Lost Property – March 2019

Stewart Colley has been collating all the items of clothing etc that have been left at the club over the last year or so.  The following note is from him

The list is in sections as it has been added to in batches as we cleared out the Office last year. Any items recognised by members as their property should be claimed promptly and items not claimed after two weeks will be available for sale for the benefit of Club funds. Some of the items have been specifically donated to the Club for sale.
A similar exercise just over a year ago raised a worthwhile amount of money for the Club while members bagged some good bargains.
If you see any items of interest, contact Stewart Colley initially to locate them and have a look..
0208 977 4849 / 07967 014 086   stewcoll@gmail.com
Happy bargain hunting!