Tamesis Club

Tammy Matters

Dear all

Another stormy weekend, but the racers had a great time.  See the pictures and the report below.  Eric Finlayson and his team succeeded in starting the sailing instruction, despite the weather. Report and pictures below.

A message from Commodore Chris, who will be doing Tammy Matters, but not this week:

It has been noticed that, when the Cheverton workboat (Tamesis III) has been secured after racing is finished,  crews have used a variety of lengths of the locked security chain.  As this chain is fixed at the shore end, the free end link of the chain must be attached to the boat with the padlock, to leave the maximum allowance for variations in river level.  This will result in some of the chain being in the river but that is alright.

The printed programme is now available.  Your copy is waiting for you in your pigeonhole on the downstream wall of the clubhouse if you haven’t already collected it.

We have a very busy schedule in the coming weeks – see below

Coming up on Saturday 6th April, David Baker and Jim Green will be running an Officer of the Day (OOD) training course between 10am and noon.  This is aimed at familiarising OODs, particularly newer ones, where everything is and what to do. Please email Jim Green on jimgreenhcr@gmail.com to book a place.

Don’t forget to sign up for the following events – sign up sheets available in the club house. Details on the event pages below

Saturday 30th – Merlin Pub Night

Thursday 4th April – Club Supper and Talk.  The talk is by the River Thames Boat Project –

Saturday 13th April – Grand Laser Quiz Night

See you soon


Vice Commodore