Tamesis Club

Tammy Matters

Summer Series 1.  A chilly day with light winds. Plenty of Merlins entered though there were fewer Lasers and 18s.  This was the first Sunday for Topper racing as part of the main series, there were two entries, and it is hoped that this series will grow and attract new young sailors into racing.

Racing Rules of Sailing.  A Presentation on some of the more pressing aspects of the Racing Rules of Sailing was given by Chris Simon of the RYA.  This was well attended by a good cross-section of the Club’s membership, including a number of our new and young members. See the fuller report by Tim Medcalf on the website.

Thursday Club Supper and Talk. This was the last of this season and featured a well attended talk on the history and work of the River Thames Boat Project.  It was amazing to find out how large a boat could be purchased for £1, 30 years ago. See the fuller report by Carolyne on the website.

Officer of the Day Training. On Saturday, Jim Green and David Baker ran the first of their OOD/Box training courses for six members. This was aimed at familiarising potential OODs and Box members with the duties and tasks involved.   Of particular importance, since the Thames Boat Project occupied the Sailing Secretary’s office, is where items which used to be stored there have been relocated.  This is all in the OOD Brief which is sent to OODs by Dutyman – please take note of it when you are reminded of your duty.

The next course will be on the morning of Saturday 27th April – EMail: jimgreenhcr@gmail.com to book your place.

Peter Simpson’s Funeral.  Peter’s funeral will take place at Mortlake Crematorium on Tuesday 9th April at 2.40 pm, followed by refreshments at Tamesis.

This coming Saturday 13th April.  Two events of note:

The Topper Open.  Tamesis is again hosting a round of the South East area series of Topper meetings and it would be good if we have some Tamesis entries.

Laser Quiz.  A final call for people to enter for this Great annual event.  Teams of 8 or so are ideal but if you’re a bit over or under that will be alright. Email: nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com to book

Looking Further Forward:

Easter Sunday, 21st April.  The Easter Egg Challenge will be a Pursuit race with the first start at 11.00am.

Chris Pollard