Tamesis Club

Laser Quiz confounds the punters

Saturday 13th was a very busy day at the club.  The evening event was a very successful ‘Laser’ Quiz Night where fifty five contestants were regaled with questions about local places through to how much we should pay for our River Licence (£41.10 – I just looked it up).

A nine strong team of quiz organisers was led by Jim Green who master minded the whole evening.  The team set the questions and answers, drummed up quizzers, set up the room beforehand, and performed as table match-makers, quizmasters, scrutineers and scorers for which we owe them a huge thank you.

The winning team, ‘Canbury’, received bottles of wine as prizes.  This team included Sally and Adrian Warwick-Haller, Duncan, Clive Mence, Adela, Stewart Colley, Chris Taggart, and Donald and Cherry Forbes.

To the relief of others and resounding cheers, team ‘Shoestring’ was democratically chosen to be next year’s quizmasters!

Many thanks also go to Sophie and her team of cooks and bar staff for keeping us fed and watered.