Tamesis Club

Tammy Trains

Informal capsize drill
A light on shore wind on Sunday gave us a chance to include paddling and being towed into the training.
Later the wind picked up enough for everyone to get some good light airs practise and then have a go at capsizing .
Howard (Thatcher) really made himself comfortable in the Quest.
Saturday was fantastic!
However one of the 2ks had gone out without masthead buoyancy , capsized in a gust and ended up inverted with the mast stuck in the mud.
Masthead Buoyancy is Always to be used during training and it would seem sensible for this to be a general club policy as the reduced river depth makes this problem more serious.
Total inversion capsize recovery is part of our advanced training programme and subject to demand we have practised this in an informal “ Safety Boat Workshop “

Training continues as”usual” next Sunday when we hope to welcome new members from Push The Boat Out Day.

Eric Finlayson