Tamesis Club

Tammy Matters

John Dunkley’s Funeral – Wednesday 29th May

John’s Funeral will take place at Mortlake Crematorium at 12.45.  There will be a reception afterwards at Tamesis Club.  Another sad loss to the Club.

Thursday Evening, Saga Race 4

Charlie Morgan first on the water again in flukey winds.  See the full report from John Adams on the website.

Saturday Cadets

Andy Harris’s Cadets session on Saturday was centred on starts and short races.  The kids all had a great time and learned something which was a credit to the organisation.  It was also excellent to see a fleet of nine Toppers doing battle.  See Photos on the website.

Jack’s Trip and Offshore Group Dinner – Saturday 25th May

See the report and photos on the website.

Summer Series 6 Racing  –  Last Sunday

Eight Merlins out on Sunday but smaller fleets in the other Classes.  Two Toppers out – they finished three seconds apart after an hour’s racing.  Good to see the youth getting into close racing.  See report on website.

Thanks to Tim for volunteering to be OOD and making racing possible.

Bank Holiday Pursuit Race

Five boats started in blustery and swirly conditions.  OOD Rupert Fletcher set a dogleg course which was quite challenging with the variable wind direction and strength. Last starter, N18 Antedote, inexorably reeled in the opposition to take the day.

Thursday Evening Sailing and Supper Saga Trophy Race 5 (of 9). Main fleet start at 7.15, N18s at 7.17.  After sailing there is a supper available – please book supper either in the Clubhouse or with Nicky by e-mail to nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com .

Centenary Cup – Sunday 2nd June

The Centenary Cup is the trophy for a long Handicap Pursuit race and is open to all Classes.  The start times will be published in Tammy Matters and in notices around the Clubhouse.

There will not be a 1030 Handicap Race

Rude Mechanicals at Tamesis – 7th June

The Rude Mechanicals Theatre Company are returning to Tamesis on Friday 7th June to perform their play ‘Ikarus Inc’.  Details at https://www.therudemechanicaltheatre.co.uk/

Further Forward.

Adelaide Cup and Tamesis Anchor – Saturday 8th June

These trophies are contested by National 18s in a Club event.

Cutty Sark Bolt and Kempton Nut – Sunday 16th June

These trophies are contested in Pursuit races.  The Cutty Sark Bolt is the Senior competition and is open to all over a long course.  The Kempton Nut is a similar race, over a shorter course, restricted to junior helms and entrants from the Cadets group and other young sailors are strongly encouraged.

SUMMER PARTY – Saturday Evening 22nd June

Arrangements are already in place for this although we are still rather short of confirmed numbers.  I would urge everybody who would like to come to the Party to sign up as soon as possible in the Clubhouse or let Nicky know by email to nickyjohnsontamesis@gmail.com or leave a message in the Rear Commodore’s pigeonhole.

The band is hired, the catering is being organised, a marquee is arranged – let it all be to good effect.

The party is open to family and friends – they do not have to be Club members.  So sign up and let’s get this Party to be as successful as Push the Boat out has just been.

Summer Holiday Sailing Camp – Starting 29th July

Tamesis Club will be running a Summer Holiday Camp which will be held during the week starting 29 July. There are 4 places still available for the week for children aged 8 to 15.  If you would like to receive a full information pack and make a booking, please contact Tim Medcalf on timothymedcalf@yahoo.co.uk or 07768 018972.

Wayfarer Midnight

As a result of damage to the rudder fittings, Midnight is out of action for the time being.  We are working towards getting her back in working order as soon as possible.


The dutyman software we use automatically notifies members when their duties are scheduled.  Please use the facility to confirm that you can do your duty or use the built-in features to get someone to swap with you if you are unable to do your duty.  Just not turning up puts the racing programme in jeopardy and may result in somebody who had intended to compete having to take the duties on and miss a race.

Chris Pollard