Tamesis Club

Centenary Cup won by Richard Harris

Photos: Jonathan Key


Competitors for the Centenary Cup Pursuit Race were greeted by lots of sunshine and a blustery southwesterly wind.  The course was laid above Stevens Ait which provided a good beat upstream, and a spinnaker run back for those who used them.

Fifteen boats took part.  The first to start – a new member Mark Gardner in his Mallard together with three Toppers – Henry Medcalf, Mattie Key and Edward Buss were eventually caught by the fleet with Richard Harris and David Baker in their merlins passing the Laser sailed by Kaan Yargici.  The National 18′ sailed by Henry Defries was reeling them in, but not fast enough.

It was great to see the Toppers out, and also the very interesting Mallard who did very well. The Toppers were neck and neck until the end.

Thanks to OOD Charlie Morgan and crew for running the race and Sophie and team for feeding us.


1st Merlin               1079  Passing Cloud  Richard Harris and Emma Macdonald

2nd Merlin             1357   Chimp  David Baker and Jim Green

3rd  Laser               203911             Kan Yargici

4th National 18′  374       Zephyr  Henry Defries and Carolyne Vines

5th Merlin              3333  Saltarello   John Adams and Maisie Key

6th Merlin              3479  Ragtime     Rupert Fletcher and James Berry

7th  Mallard            2                             Mark Gardner

8th  Merlin             3520  Frogmarch Peter Impey and Suzy Impey

9th  Laser                           Matulin  John Edmundson

10th  Topper            36323                Henry Medcalf

11th   Topper           15138                  Matty Key